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I don’t even know where to begin in describing the guy behind the site, Buffalo Tom Peabody. I can start by saying that he is creative, a lot of silly, and brings a smile to my face day in and day out. Because of today’s post, it is gonna be an especially good day!

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… and I’m winning!
Check out Jill’s great blog, its called jogging in jeans! Its on WordPress!

The 9 LivesOf Buffalo Tom Peabody

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“Jorts” added to the Oxford English Dictionary

To all you “Words with Friends” players that sent me screen shots of your rejected “jorts” word in the past, fret no more!


It has been announced that “Jortshas been added to the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. Yay for us here at!




If there wasn’t photographic evidence, I wouldn’t believe it.



I’m not one that typically reblogs posts, but when you find a great post about running in a denim skirt and a purse written by a hysterical, tell-it-like-it-is blogger, you just gotta share.
If you don’t have time for the whole post, bookmark it for later and just read this:
And then… well, then I realised I have a problem. Mike Allsop ran past, high fiving everyone, looking like he hadn’t just travelled across the globe running a marathon a day for the last week. Ultrarunning legend Lisa Tamati ran alongside him. Dozens of people joined them for the last 5k and I watched them as they ran into the distance. I stared at my flowery canvas shoes (no socks), my denim mini skirt, and the purse I was holding. I thought to myself “You’re really sick and you’re not dressed for running. That would be really stupid.”

So of course I took off running and joined the group.

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Mike Allsop at the finish line of his 777 project

Today, Mike Allsop completed his 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days challenge. The man is a legend. There’s no way around it. He also did it all for charity, to help kids living in poverty. He’s as fit as they come (you have to be, to take on such a mammoth task), as crazy as it gets (see previous parenthesis) and apparently a pretty decent human being too.

Mike ran a marathon a day in each of the world’s continents last week, starting in the Falkland Islands on Monday, moving onto Santiago, then up to LA, across to London, down to Casablanca, then to Hong Kong and finally Auckland, today.

I have barely moved from bed in the last 4 days.

It all started kind of turning to custard on Wednesday. First I had one of my old…

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Our answer to the running-in-denim chafing problem?

Wrangler Launches First Pair Of Moisturizing Jeans

WRANGLER will launch the first pair of moisturizing jeans…the pioneering skinny-fit style incorporates high-performance skincare ingredients to protect your legs from the dehydrating effects of denim.

The Denim Spa jeans come in three finishes – Aloe Vera, Olive Extract and Smooth Legs, which aims to prevent cellulite. Hydrating properties include of natural oils and butters, such as apricot kernel oil, passion fruit oil, rosehip oil, shea butter and monoi de Tahiti – a Polynesian ingredient made using Tiare flower buds soaked in refined coconut oil.

“They definitely feel cooler than regular jeans,” said Lizzie Jagger in a film to promote the style. “After a day wearing them, my legs feel great – they come out feeling more silky than usual.”  (source)

These jeans moisturize, protect from dehydration, prevent cellulite, and cool us down. Sounds like dream apparel for any runner, not just the denim-wearing kind.

Is Runner’s World endorsing jeans for running?! Looks like it!

The covers of Runner’s World Magazine ALWAYS have individuals wearing running clothes:

So you can imagine the PURE ENJOYMENT I got from the cover of the “Special Finishers Issue” for the 2012 Runner’s World Half and Festival:

How awesome is that arrow pointing to Mark Remy‘s favorite pair of running jeans?

I think you mean “awesome.”

Happy Birthday,!

One year ago today, I clicked “publish” on the first ever post. And here we are, a year later and closing in on 100,000 views. Unbelievable.

Some thoughts based on the last year:

1) Did you ever think there were so many people that exercised in denim? I NEVER thought that there would be enough pictures of people jogging and working out in jeans to keep this going for a full year.

2) I also never thought that there were so many people that want to LOOK at people exercising in denim. You people are weird. ;)

3) It is surprising to me that a silly (ok, ridiculous) little website that started out as a joke could bring such joy to my life.

4) The joy is because of YOU, the viewers of Despite your weirdness, you are awesome. Truly. Thanks for the pictures, Tweets, emails, and comments.

5) I have learned that the blogging community is made up of some pretty amazing people. Even though we haven’t met, I consider some of you friends.

6) I started this site thinking that people that jog in jeans are weird and partially insane. But there has been a shift in my thinking over the past year; jean-joggers are increasingly becoming more and more awesome in my mind. When this happened or why this happened, I’m not sure – maybe I’ll figure that one out in the next year.

Enjoy a year in review of my favorite jean-wearing joggers and their pictures:

Gym signs that suck

Sent to me by the hysterical (albeit foul-mouthed) Brian from Brian Watkins is Fat. If you have a minute, read his first blog post to get a feel for his “style.” If you don’t love him, I don’t know if we can be friends anymore.

From Charla over at Running Haiku

From @MotherRunnerSue


From Reader Stephanie

YOUR chance to run in jeans

You have the deep down secret that you want to run in jeans, right? Admit it.

Now is your chance. Josher is a breast cancer fund-raising rockstar and has all kinds of plans after running the Salt Lake City Marathon this past weekend IN JEANS and a jean jacket.

First up: he wants to extend jean-wearing jogging to all of you through a virtual 5K.

And if you want to “explain” your jean-wearing running with a Denim for a Cure t-shirt, you can get one here.

Psst: If you are boycotting Komen this year, here is your chance to give to breast cancer research another way. If you plan on running Koman this year, I vote that you do it IN JEANS! Do it.

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