0% chance that is comfortable

Fall is approaching! Get out those sweaters and jeans and get to the gym!

SweaterAnd this isn’t a new phenomenon, we’ve seen sweaters in the gym before.

Denim AND inappropriate footwear at the gym – Girl Version

The last post was about the guys and their poor clothing and footwear choices at the gym. Today’s post is about the girls. Enjoy.




Denim AND inappropriate footwear at the gym – Guy Version

Since the first installment of Denim AND inappropriate footwear at the gym was such a hit, I’m doing a couple of more just like it. Fortunately for us, there are many people who make poor workout clothing and workout shoe decisions. Today is dedicated to the guys.






If there wasn’t photographic evidence, I wouldn’t believe it.


Leg day at the gym IN JEANS

When I see someone in the weight room of the gym in jeans, my first thought is, “Must not be leg day.”

Uh…not so fast.


And, yes, he is using this machine backwards.



Working out IN JEANS and a towel on your dome

I love the StairMaster or the “sweat machine” as I like to call it. Forget paper towels to wipe down the machine after my workout, I need  a mop.*

The towel in today’s picture? I understand. The jeans? No comprendo.


*Part of the reason I sweat so much is because I do run/walk interval training on it. I’ve had a couple of close calls, and it is only a matter of time before a trip lands my ass on the floor. Afterwards, I fully expect awesome Janelle**, who sits at the trainer desk behind these machines at my gym, to be all “Bahaha, that is what you get for running on that thing.”

**If you are into kettlebells, check out her website. If you are into cool, genuinely nice people***, check out her website.

***The world needs more nice people.****

****How annoying am I being with asterisks?

I apologize by asking others to love you.

The next “forgot about” photo comes from one of my favorite weightlifting bloggers, Colin, over at UberBeastMode. He knows his stuff and seems like a super-nice guy. If you are a runner, still head on over and throw him a little love because he has a 7K coming up this weekend. As a “weight lifter who runs” myself, we face different challenges than those of you that consider yourself a runner first and foremost. So go and be especially encouraging to him as a favor to me. Thanks, Loves.

“So I got one today. Unfortunately actual exercise is not happening, but he’s taking up a machine while he leans up against it wearing his baggy jeans, big chain and sunglasses. I tried to get him during an actual exercise, but in his 30-45 minutes of being there he probably did 2 actual sets. :) Also I snapped another one. Not for your site, but just your own personal entertainment. This guy was wearing flannel pj’s while doing bicep curls on the incline tricep extension machine.”


And to those fellow gym-goers who are thinking, “Oh…I want to see the flannel PJ pic!!” It is too good not to share:


Teen heartthrobs IN JEANS at the gym

Justin Bieber:


And, Young Ones, one of the “Justin Biebers” of the generation before you – meet Jordan Knight:


My Valentine

Cutie-old-man-in-jeans-at-the-gym love combined with book-reading-nerd love:



Jeans and suspenders – so awful and somehow it is also ADORABLE.



Thanks, Caroline!

Those of you interested in “proper” fashion , check out her blog, Back Down South.

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