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Suck it, Pittsburgh Haters

Angela, over at FitFunMom, wrote a post awhile back where she said, “…sometimes people drive by my blog in their Google cars and deposit one-sided evidence that they’ve been here, leaving me wanting a chance to holler back after them. Now’s my chance to talk back to people who’ve reached the blog through the power of Google.”

I LOVED the idea, so I am stealing it  – sharing with you some of the search terms that brought people to

1. The boob themed searches:

  •    “big boob jogger”
  •    “jeans and boobs”
  •    “boob women in overalls”
  •    “boob out”

…..My response to the individuals behind these searches: Men are pigs.

2. The foreign language searches:

  •    “joggingspijkerbroeken”
  •    “joggy джинсы”
  •    “que son los jeans joggalor”

…..My response to my foreign friends: Um, wut?

3. The search terms that hurt my heart:

  •    “i hate pittsburgh”
  •    “Pittsburgh sucks”
  •    “why do people like shithole pittsburgh?”

…..My response to these absolute idiots: Suck it, Haters.*

4. The search phrases that made me smile:

  •    “hysterical website running in jeans”
  •    “+Jill +Pittsburgh funny jogging jeans”

My response to these people: I love you too.

5. The search terms with important questions:

  •    “is it okay to run in jeans” and “can I jog in jeans?” 
  •    “Will people laugh if I go to the gym in jeans?

…..Yes, yes, and yes.


*I will ignore any comments about the performance of our beloved Steelers.

0% chance that is comfortable

Fall is approaching! Get out those sweaters and jeans and get to the gym!

SweaterAnd this isn’t a new phenomenon, we’ve seen sweaters in the gym before.

Same cutie. Different pictures taken by different people.

It has been awhile since we’ve had a post dedicated to a cutie old man working out in jeans.


Cutie2At my gym this week, I’ve seen several gym clothes atrocities. Unfortunately, no jeans. The worst thing I saw? A guy lifting weights with a large Camelbak.

Shirtless buff guys IN JEANS

Part of me says, “Finally! An excuse to post pictures of shirtless buff guys on my site.”

The other part of me says, “What the hell kind of gym lets people workout shirtless and IN JEANS?!”




If you missed my previous post that had shirtless men in it, you can catch it here.

Working out IN JEANS and a towel on your dome

I love the StairMaster or the “sweat machine” as I like to call it. Forget paper towels to wipe down the machine after my workout, I need  a mop.*

The towel in today’s picture? I understand. The jeans? No comprendo.


*Part of the reason I sweat so much is because I do run/walk interval training on it. I’ve had a couple of close calls, and it is only a matter of time before a trip lands my ass on the floor. Afterwards, I fully expect awesome Janelle**, who sits at the trainer desk behind these machines at my gym, to be all “Bahaha, that is what you get for running on that thing.”

**If you are into kettlebells, check out her website. If you are into cool, genuinely nice people***, check out her website.

***The world needs more nice people.****

****How annoying am I being with asterisks?

Jeans and suspenders – so awful and somehow it is also ADORABLE.



Thanks, Caroline!

Those of you interested in “proper” fashion , check out her blog, Back Down South.

“Old ladies” working out in jeans

I get nervous when I see Tweets like this one:


Because the first time I click the “old ladies” picture link and see some woman my age working out, I’m gonna lose my shit. LOSE. MY. SHIT. You have been warned.

Fortunately, it didn’t happen this time.

Guys at the gym in jeans WITH a sense of humor

We often see pictures of guys in the gym IN JEANS. But it has NEVER HAPPENED that we see guys in jeans at the gym who give us permission to laugh at them. Gotta love these two…A LOT.

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