“But, Officer, we always jog in jeans with construction materials in our arms.”

Sometimes jogging in jeans might equal criminal activity.

Although one of the “rules” for this site is to not include people clearly not jogging for exercise (e.g., someone running for a bus in jeans isn’t funny), I am making an exception with this post because these men made the news with their alleged jogging jean mischief.

Meet Joseph Eichmann and Erik Toothman.

These “joggers” have been arrested for allegedly attempting to steal $11,000 worth of construction materials from the Central Bucks East High School construction site.

Enjoy their reason for being near the construction site:

Eichmann told the officer that they routinely come to the area to jog. He said he lives in Broomall but discovered the jogging path when he had worked for Four Winds Construction at the school. He no longer worked there due to a back injury, but the injury was “fine” for running, even in work boots, like those he was wearing, he told police.

“Both men were muddy, police said. Toothman also claimed to be out for a jog, and said he has no problem jogging in jeans, according to court records.

I gotta feeling no one is buying what these two are selling.

UPDATE: The charges for burglary, theft, and others were withdrawn, but both men are still being prosecuted for criminal trespass and conspiracy, both third degree felonies.

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  1. Lol! That’s really funny. But you can’t blame the guys for trying . . .

  2. Ha! Perfect title.

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