Bret Michaels jogging IN JEANS

An anonymous person sent me the following picture of Bret Michaels running a race in jeans. When it was taken? Don’t know. What race? Don’t know. Regardless of the details, it is another addition to the growing collection.

I’m torn about something, Dear Readers:

Can Bret Michaels pull off running in jeans? Is he a badass? Read this post if you are new to this site.

Pros: Bret Michaels IS a rockstar, he did survive a brain hemorrhage, and he is a Pittsburgh native (it’s my city so I can make it a positive attribute if I want 🙂 ).

Cons: He participated in a reality dating show (did you watch even one minute of Rock of Love?), he spends too much time in tanning beds, and there are some pretty skank-tastic pics floating around on the internet.

What do you think?:

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