Race number, check. Running shoes, check. Purple sparkly leotard, check. Jeans, check.

Just recently I was thinking that JoggingJeans.com needs more photos of girls in jeans. Our ratio of boys to girls is about 2:1.

And then yesterday I met Cori. She sent me these pictures from the Columbus Hell Run held this past September. Yes, she is wearing jeggings (I TOLD you!) and a sparkly gymnastics leotard.

And here she is in the most awesome race action shot EVER:

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  1. Not too many runners around here that fit in this lot. But there is one speedy little runner I see 3 times a week, that I could swear is wearing ‘real’ levis (and is she fast!). Hopefully I’ll get her to post here.

  2. i’m sort of torn, one end: ya, that fire picture is pretty dang cool. on the other, gotta say, ya, that’s certainly an outfit. i think in the end it comes down to this: if she won and totally did kick butt in the race, u can wear watever u want. but if she was just ‘meh’ in the race, it just looks like a dorky cry for attention. just my two cents. 😛

  3. Cori

     /  November 26, 2011

    Dear Cait – no I didn’t win, but Everyone dresses crazy for the Hell Run. Sorry you think my outfit was dorky.


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