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Treadmill week – Final Day

@ellengbennett snapped the photo that I never thought I would see — two pairs of jeans in one picture!

Treadmill week – Day 4


Told you they’d get better!

Treadmill week – Day 3

Photo was snapped by @brookenewton7.

Treadmill week – Day 2

Thanks, Reader Matt, for submitting today’s jeans-and-treadmill picture!

Treadmill week – Day 1

We are having a theme week here at Jeans and treadmills.

Snapped by @YourMansHouse at her gym.

Stay tuned. They get better, I promise.

I’m more interested in the toilets!

Jill and her pals over at Whine and Cheese Run Club participated in their first ever 5K as a group last weekend – the Jingle Bell 5K Run/Walk for the Arthritis Foundation. Hooray, Girls! Awesome job!

Jill is dedicated to “the cause” and is always scoping out and photographing jean-wearing runners. And while she couldn’t get a during-race photo, she was able to get a picture of a lady in the line to the bathroom pre-race (that counts!). Jill talks about it in all its hilarity in her recount of the race here. Check out the other girls’ recaps here and here (did I miss anyone?). If you haven’t done it already, bookmark their blog. It is a running blog like no other. Trust me.

Wait a minute. What race bathroom is not a Porta-Potty? Is that carpet? What kind of fancy-schmancy race was this??!!

Running in jeans – It’s Tricky

@MrMickEgo‘s running in jeans-related Tweet caused an ear worm that I haven’t been able to shake for DAYS. Now I’m passing it to you. You are WELCOME!

It’s Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that’s right on time
It’s Tricky…it’s Tricky (Tricky) Tricky (Tricky)
It’s Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that’s right on time
It’s Tricky…Tr-tr-tr-tricky (Tricky) Trrrrrrrrrrricky


Run DMC is awesome. To do:  Load my MP3 player with some old school hip hop. Seriously. Must do.

Running in a denim jacket

After you’ve spend two hours minutes staring at the physique of the hunk in the foreground, check out the lady running behind him in a jean jacket.

Question: how long did your eyes stay on Ms. JeanJacket before drifting back to Mr. PerfectMan? If it was more than 1 second, I’m impressed!

Mr. PerfectMan, if you are reading this,  I ❤ you.

Oh, thank you anonymous person with the weird email address for submitting this picture’s link.

Andy 2, Tyler 1, Everyone else on #teamswole 0

A bunch of dedicated gym-goers are committed to getting pics of people exercising in jeans.

Andy (@Matrx), the guy who risked death to get a picture of someone at his gym working out in jeans, came through for again. This time, the risk wasn’t as great (I think he could take this girl if he got busted taking her pic) but the reward is available for all of us to enjoy.

In a matter of days, Tyler (@tyler_roots) then snapped a pic of this ridiculously strong, red-faced dude:

Andy’s gym has been described as “scrubby” because it has lots of people working out in jeans.

Scrubby or not, do you know how much joy it would bring me to be a member at Andy’s gym?  I’d be all “Haha” [shutter click], “Bahhaahah” [shutter click], “Heehee” [shutter click].

Gym Manager: “Miss, you can’t take pictures in here.”

Me: “But, these people are exercising IN JEANS!!”

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