Random Thoughts

1. JoggingJeans.com topped 7,000 views this week. I never thought that some silly thing that started out as a joke between me and my dear husband would generate so much attention. A big THANKS to all the loyal viewers who have visited and revisited this site.

2. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two groups of people out there – the lovers and the haters of JoggingJeans.com.

To the lovers: I love you right back. You are awesome because you “get” the ridiculousness and silliness of it all.

To the haters: I love you too but hope you were able to pick up a sense of humor during your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. OF COURSE, we all would rather see people exercising in jeans than being “sprawled on the couch, pounding down cinnamon rolls.” Yes, lighten up.

3. My dad was right: men ARE pigs. Here is a small fraction of the search terms that brought some of those oinkers to JoggingJeans.com:

          boobs and jeans
          big boob jogger in jeans
          jogging boobs park running
          girls jogging sports bras pics
          hanging boobs running

Really? This is what you do all day, Men? Google boobs? 🙂

But the very best search phrase in the list:

  is it weird to run in jeans?

I hope you learned, Dear Question-Asker, that the answer to your question is YES!

4. I’m very close to getting through the initial influx of photo submissions and links that came with starting this blog. So posting from now on will be a bit less frequent and on an as-the-photos-arrive basis. To my star peeps, who are running or observing races armed with cameras and scoping out jean-wearing joggers, keep up your awesomeness! To name a few of the super-special ones:

– my sister

– Jill, my new best friend, at Whine and Cheese Runners Club

– Hemarie, a girl who has a record of creating some incredible sweat designs, at I Sweat Pretty

– Suzanne, a running blogger who is actually very funny (yep, it does exist), at Run Fast and Don’t Fall Down

5. And, finally, keep those pictures coming!

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  1. Suzanne

     /  December 1, 2011

    A) Well done! My blog once had 7 views and it was all very exciting! I commissioned that blind girl from the Lionel Ritchie video to sculpt a bust of me in honor of this milestone. It’s coming out really great.

    2) Thanks for the shoutout! I love to be loved.

    III) I also love seeing what search terms led people to my blog. My favorites are “the ghost of steve jobs,” “old lady falling down,” and “mom butts.” People so crazy on googles!

  2. Joe

     /  December 4, 2011

    “hanging boobs running” almost made me wet myself. Proving once again that people are pretty sick and that everyone should stay in their houses and lock their doors

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Just for that, I just might have to arrange a run wearing jeggings in your honor.


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