Pre-race, starting line photos count!

I have a new person to thank for their dedication to scoping out and photographing people running in jeans: Jennifer, author of a blog called My Lesson in Motivation. She recently ran the Boston Volvo 5K Road Race and tasked her boyfriend with a couple of things during the race:

  1. Support me and yell nice things as I run past (check!)
  2. Take a picture of me running… (check!)
  3. Take pictures of anyone running in jeans (fail)

#3 is the MOST AWESOME “to do” list item ever! Despite the “fail,” she was able to find a great starting line picture of a guy getting ready to run IN JEANS:

Check out her post about the race and bookmark her blog. If had a blogroll, My Lesson in Motivation would definitely be on it. I’ve been a loyal reader for awhile now, and Jennifer seems really genuine and super sweet. She is someone that would totally be my friend if I knew her in real life.

Thank again, Jennifer, for the photo and love!

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  1. Yea! Thanks! 🙂

    And we’d totally be friends in real life. I read on your blog an offer for running partners and I thought “oh, if we lived in the same city, I could totally go for that!”

  1. First feature elsewhere! « My Lesson in Motivation

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