Andy 2, Tyler 1, Everyone else on #teamswole 0

A bunch of dedicated gym-goers are committed to getting pics of people exercising in jeans.

Andy (@Matrx), the guy who risked death to get a picture of someone at his gym working out in jeans, came through for again. This time, the risk wasn’t as great (I think he could take this girl if he got busted taking her pic) but the reward is available for all of us to enjoy.

In a matter of days, Tyler (@tyler_roots) then snapped a pic of this ridiculously strong, red-faced dude:

Andy’s gym has been described as “scrubby” because it has lots of people working out in jeans.

Scrubby or not, do you know how much joy it would bring me to be a member at Andy’s gym?  I’d be all “Haha” [shutter click], “Bahhaahah” [shutter click], “Heehee” [shutter click].

Gym Manager: “Miss, you can’t take pictures in here.”

Me: “But, these people are exercising IN JEANS!!”

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