I’m more interested in the toilets!

Jill and her pals over at Whine and Cheese Run Club participated in their first ever 5K as a group last weekend – the Jingle Bell 5K Run/Walk for the Arthritis Foundation. Hooray, Girls! Awesome job!

Jill is dedicated to “the cause” and is always scoping out and photographing jean-wearing runners. And while she couldn’t get a during-race photo, she was able to get a picture of a lady in the line to the bathroom pre-race (that counts!). Jill talks about it in all its hilarity in her recount of the race here. Check out the other girls’ recaps here and here (did I miss anyone?). If you haven’t done it already, bookmark their blog. It is a running blog like no other. Trust me.

Wait a minute. What race bathroom is not a Porta-Potty? Is that carpet? What kind of fancy-schmancy race was this??!!

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  1. The race HQ was at the NKY Convention Center, so we were spoiled with indoor bathrooms and carpeted floors. I’m not sure I saw any porta-potties anywhere! The biggest bathroom complaint was that there was no signage letting folks know of the other set of fancy bathrooms at the back of the hall, so everyone stood in a crazy long line for this single, shining, indoor bathroom.


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