Crowded gyms in January

Before I get to today’s picture, I gotta share that I got an award. made a “Top 100 Running Blogs of 2012” list! #66!

The award is just as much yours as it is mine. Because it is you, the people running races, watching races, in the gyms, and looking out your kitchen windows, that are taking the photos and sending them to me. YOU do all the work. YOU are the reason this ridiculousness is possible. I just sit here, get your emails and pictures, and laugh, save, shake my head, click, click, click, smile, publish. So I thank you and love you all!

Congrats on YOUR award, My Friends!

On to today’s picture. More people in the gym in January = more opportunities for pictures of people working out in jeans. I just buttered you up, so now GET TO WORK taking pictures, People.

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