and sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…

My husband is VERY lucky that I didn’t know about the author of before I married him because one could argue that Mr. LifeIsSavage is my soul mate. Long before was a thought, Mr. LifeIsSavage was posting pictures that people sent to him of people lifting weights IN JEANS. He calls them “jean pant criminals” [damn, I gotta come up with a cool term] and writes:

“…their blatant disregard for the unwritten laws of conduct cannot be tolerated any longer and MUST be brought to attention. So without further ado i am declaring a uprising against the jean pant criminals out there…Please submit further evidence of this behaviour in your gym and i will gladly let the world know.”

Seriously, SO MUCH love. Here is a bit of the deliciousness I found on his site (click the picture to see the specific post):





I’m still reeling in the fact that I am not the only one that enjoys people inappropriately wearing jeans enough to post pictures of them on a blog. I’m also a bit surprised that I haven’t found his blog until now or that no one has sent me a link to it. Regardless, go visit his site, follow him on Twitter, see what info you can collect about him in case my husband dies or leaves me, and tell him how much you love his work.

UPDATE: OMG. I SWEAR to you that, when I wrote the post, I had no idea that the author of is THIS guy:

Yowza. Fate LOVES me if Dylan Savage is my soul mate.

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  1. @inmyheadspace

     /  January 13, 2012

    O_O no words except one… YUM

  2. I also stay in Cape Town. I can track him down. Just sayin’.


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