What, we aren’t AP photogs?

Most blogs are crap. You know this, I know this. So when you come across a brilliant one, ya just gotta share, right? That’s what friends do for each other.

The blog Not the AP… is an outlet for us to “…become the paparazzi of the common man…to shed a necessary light on the frauds that walk among us.” I tried for several minutes to describe exactly what is going on there and can’t do it justice. So just click through a few of their posts and appreciate the pure genius of it all.

So why am I pimping some site out of the seemingly clear blue sky? Because of this post:

Not gym clothes…

Who are you, Fellow Bloggers at Not the AP…? Can we be friends? The recent lapse in your posts hurts my heart – please start posting again!

UPDATE: Not the AP… is back! Yay! Let’s get my new friend some pictures!

UPDATE #2: The site has been taken down permanently. 😦

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