This pedophobe appreciates teachers

Teachers are awesome for so many reasons. A few of them:

1) Teachers work very hard for very little pay.

2) Teachers deal with a lot of $hit (ahem, Crazy Parents and Budget Cuts, I’m talking to you).

3) Teachers are completely responsible for the lives of scary little creatures who are not related to them for a good portion of their day.

4) A freakishly large number of teachers are fans of this blog. What’s up with that?

As a self-proclaimed pedophobe I REALLY appreciate the work that teachers do day in and day out. So how about showing some teachers (your own or your kid’s) that you appreciate them this week? And then enjoy the picture from Jill, teacher and Whine & Cheese Run Club blogger, that was taken of a guy jogging IN JEANS who she saw at a local park.

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  1. @inmyheadspace

     /  January 29, 2012

    I would never make it as a teacher- I tell people all the time I do not like OPC (other people’s children) the only ones I can tolerate are the ones I can tell to sit down and shut up when they are being bad- that only works for the ones related to me 🙂 I know that might sound harsh to some people but it is what it is! Teachers rock in my book!


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