No need to stage an intervention YET.

I still stand firm in my stance that I am not obsessed with Sean Hutchinson. Two posts (JoggingJeans ♥ Sean Hutchinson and He did WHAT in jeans?) and sneaking into his apartment ONE TIME to take pictures of his jean-running gear doesn’t make me obsessed or a stalker. Come see me when I’m writing my 100th post about him or sneaking into his apartment on a regular basis. Only then can you all stage an intervention for me. Make sure someone brings cupcakes.

So post #3 has pictures of Sean sporting jeans again for the Kloof Nek Classic in Cape Town, South Africa last weekend.

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  1. Inmyheadsace

     /  February 6, 2012

    I feel heat stroke just looking at this…or was that a swoon?

  2. I can see merit in your obsession.

  1. I am a bit of an idiot…. | Hutch's Randomness

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