Jogging jeans and new “sweaty hair” category!

In an attempt to cheer up Suzanne, a loyal fan of this site and author of the very VERY funny running blog Run Fast and Don’t Fall Down, today’s picture features some of her favorite things in the entire world:  people running in jeans and women who run with their hair down.

Send Suzanne some leg-healing prayers, mojo, and vibes, okay? Then go check out her blog. You’ll thank me. She’s a riot even when she is sad and suffering from some SERIOUS running withdrawal.

Thanks, @MattFahr for a Twitter picture that actually is being used for a greater good.

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  1. What’s missing from this picture? A pair of Sketchers Shape-Ups.

  2. I’m cracking up. I love that it looks like she’s going out to see a movie or something and decided to hop on the treadmill instead.

  3. Thank you!!! It’s nice to know that it bothers other people (and not just me) when someone runs with their hair down. I just don’t get it! 🙂

    Is this girl also wearing a sweater and converse sneakers? I love everything about this picture!

  4. You know what’s wrong with that picture? Nothing. And by nothing, I mean everything.


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