A jort-themed 5K! A jort-themed 5K!

Yesterday was the BEST day! Seriously. I clicked one of the “referrers” on my stat page and found the most amazing blog post in the history of all blog posts. The amazingness wasn’t because Blogger Josh wrote nice things about my site (which is always nice and appreciated) but because he writes that Gabe and JoggingJeans.com… inspired a fresh theme for this year’s first Bottom Feeder Farm Run, the JORTs 5k on March 3rd. Hopefully, I can find someone to take some pictures to post here. As for me, I am not passing up the chance to run a few miles in my trustee Wrangler cut-offs.

Dear smokin’ hot runner and farmer, Josh, with your tanned biceps, calloused hands, and ripped overalls (wait…what, Josh doesn’t look like that? He does in my head so just shush), there is no “hopefully” when it comes to finding someone to take pictures. It is a MUST that someone photograph every running leg sticking out of every frayed pair of jorts. Your event NEEDS to be shared for all to enjoy! Please, don’t break my heart by letting this race go by picture-less.

Oh, how I wish I was a farmgirl living in Salem, Oregon on March 3rd. #WordsIWillUtterOnlyOnceInMyLife

Race countdown: 22 days.

Bleh, who cares about regular old jean-wearing jogging photos after this fantastic news? But here is one for shits and giggles posted by @InLUVwitDat_ASH on Twitter:

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