We start with a disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: I wrote several posts yesterday, some time after I took two muscle relaxers and an expired Percocet (you stand hunched over painting boards for a bazillion hours and see how your back feels). Today, in my clear-headed state, I can say that the posts are unpublishable except for this one that I found mildly amusing. So here it is edited for poor grammar only:

Something weird is happening to me. I am starting to dig guys that jog in jeans. Not dork hipsters running in skinny jeans. Definitely not chicks. Not anyone in jorts (except Josh). And not douche-bags in the gym in jeans. Just straight-up guy runners that are eschewing the over-hyped, over-priced running-gear clothing market and going all rugged and Marboro Man. I’m starting to dig them.

I realized this change in me when my first thought, when seeing this picture sent to me via Twitter by @dbbernard, wasn’t, “What a weirdo!” or “Haha. Look at him running in jeans!” But rather, “Who is this beautiful man running in jeans?” I might need therapy.

The picture was taken during the Q50 10K Full Moon Trail Run on February 11, 2012 in Mandeville, La.

What is the saying? Our true self comes out when we are hopped up on expired prescription pills?

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