Two days of things I know nothing about. Day 2 – NASCAR/Indy Car

I don’t know who this Will Power guy is, but I know I like him!

Turn down your volume before hitting play.

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  1. Check it out: I just gave you the Versatile Blogger Award! It’s on my post today: Congratulations!

  2. Wikipedia
    Will Power from Australia
    Indy jeans runner

  3. Haiku is not hard
    Comes easier with practice
    And when I am bored

    Haiku in public
    Can be embarrassing though
    Count on my fingers


    • A little practice
      And now I can write haiku
      I am really hooked

      Your love of haiku
      Charla, thanks for sharing it
      Fun way to pass time


  4. And who says NASCAR isn’t fun?


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