JORTs 5K Farm Run – Part 2

In my fantasy I’m not hitting “Publish” but, instead, I’m on a stage in front of a humongous wall-size screen. You all are my audience. I am about to entertain you with a slide show of pictures from the JORTs 5K Farm Run. We are all happy, have big smiles on our faces, and are eating cupcakes.

Me: Are you ready for some jort-wearing deliciousness?

You: [cheers]

I am serious when I say that the highlight of my whopping five month blogging career was them moment when I was viewing these “action shots” for the first time (yep, even better than the Runner’s World mention). The only thing that could have made me happier would be if I was in Salem, Oregon on March 3rd seeing everyone run this race first-hand.

If you missed Part 1, read it here.

Thanks, Josh, for organizing this run [hug].

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  1. A sight to be seen
    Running in overall jorts
    My life is complete

  2. @inmyheadspace

     /  March 15, 2012

    That looks like fun! I love the overall jorts- Jose are great- hahahahaha wait- are those cannons in the last few pictures? I need a farm… Sigh
    Thanks for the cupcakes- they were delish!

  3. I feel like the people wear the leggings under their jorts are cheating…that’s not getting the full effect of running in Jorts….

  4. I love the people who are wearing overall jorts. Just beautiful to behold.

  5. I love all of this! Especially the barefoot guy! I second the “thanks, Josh, for organizing this!”


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