Treadmill Pictures Lifted from Twitter Week – Day 2

Treadmill Pictures Lifted from Twitter Week – Day 1

We’ve had a “Treadmill Week” and a “Pictures Lifted from Twitter Week” in the past. I’ve combined them both for seven full days of “Treadmill Pictures Lifted from Twitter Week.” Enjoy a week full of pictures and Tweets from people that find jogging in jeans as ridiculous as the rest of us.

We start out with one posted by @mamacitakhalifa.

An adorable women giving Josher a run for his money in her FULL DENIM!

In the second grade, after our first lesson about poetry, I sat on a published poetry book and plagiarized my first poetry-writing assignment (yeah, I got busted). I knew, at age 8, that I didn’t have the right-brained, creative, imaginative, Pinterest-lovin’ talents and abilities that others possessed. I still don’t. I do math proofs and solve logic problems for fun (okay, not anymore, ’cause I’m old but at one time I did).

You: “Shut the hell up, Jill, and show us pictures of people exercising in jeans.”

Me: “You shut up. I’m not done yet.”

So my point: I am blown away by those of you that possess the talents that I am lacking. Especially Boomie, author of Boomie Bol, a trove of poetry brilliance. Boomie sent me a picture of a denim-clad lady at her gym and, because I have been a fan of her writing, asked her if she would share her talents and write an accompanying poem. Minutes later (no exaggeration) she sent me one. Enjoy her poem and picture then go visit her blog, Boomie Bol, and prepare to have your right-brain world rocked.

Cuter than her Complete Denim Outfit

Cuter than her complete denim outfit

Were the flower patterns on her top

Ones she could have knitted on herself

But she gets cuter

As she gets on the treadmill

Running at the slowest pace ever seen

Cute and petite

I wanted to see her face

After 7 minutes

She got off

Glasses on her face

A smile permanent on her face

Like a tattoo

And walked towards the exit

Then she paused for a second and said

Sweetly “you are a strong one dear”

I smiled in gratitude

And whispered to myself

“I wish this lady was my grandma”

Ellipticals are loaded

It doesn’t seem that the jeans-in-the-gym situation is getting any better. The ellipticals are loaded with jean-wearing exercisers.

YOUR chance to run in jeans

You have the deep down secret that you want to run in jeans, right? Admit it.

Now is your chance. Josher is a breast cancer fund-raising rockstar and has all kinds of plans after running the Salt Lake City Marathon this past weekend IN JEANS and a jean jacket.

First up: he wants to extend jean-wearing jogging to all of you through a virtual 5K.

And if you want to “explain” your jean-wearing running with a Denim for a Cure t-shirt, you can get one here.

Psst: If you are boycotting Komen this year, here is your chance to give to breast cancer research another way. If you plan on running Koman this year, I vote that you do it IN JEANS! Do it.

Josher, IN JEANS and a denim vest, playing the part of rockstar

It seems like just yesterday when I introduced you all to Josher. This past weekend was the Salt Lake City Half Marathon that he ran IN JEANS and A DENIM VEST thanks to the generous donations from YOU. Once again, I hope you enjoy his recap as much as I did.

My Day Spent Running ‘Forever in Blue Jeans’

Josher Hansen

“Why are you running in long pants?”

No, that wasn’t my subconscious challenging me out of my race in denim. That was about every other runner who took the time to scan my attire as they passed me by. Not to mention the number of spectators, volunteers, and police officers that realized what I was wearing.

I figured I would get many of those comments during the race. That’s why people do crazy things…like running a half marathon in FULL-DENIM. The attention to ‘Denim for a Cure’ in its efforts to raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute through Huntsman Hometown Heros is invaluable. Plus, cancer sucks and the faster we find a cure the better society will be off in the long run.

Like my 10K race in blue jeans last month I decided to take some notes of my experience running the Salt Lake City Half Marathon in not just blue jeans, but FULL-DENIM! It was quite an experience (and challenge).


4:46am – My alarm sounds. I lay in bed trying to remember why I am getting up this early. (This happens before every race that starts before 9am.)

4:52am – I put on my “running” gear. Compression shorts, socks, pants, denim vest, pink bandana and pink shoes.

4:53am – I realize I forgot to apply my anti-chaffing cream so have to painstakingly remove my shoes and pants to properly lather myself up. I am not chaffing today!

4:54am – The pants and shoes go back on and I am…FINALLY…dressed.

5:02am – [Go into my brother’s room to wake him up and the following conversation ensues]

Me: Free (His middle name is Freedom), it’s time to wake up! It’s a little past 5 now.

Brother: Why are we getting up this early?!

Me: To run!

Brother: Exactly.

5:10am – I prepare my breakfast of champions of oatmeal, a banana and Red Bull while Free stumbles together a concoction of Raisin Bran, Captain n’ Crunch and I think…Fiber One?! I question his selection, he just tells me to shut up. I can’t blame him, it is 5am.

5:18am – I creep into my Mom’s room. Noticing she is still sound asleep I just silently whisper a ‘goodbye’ and ‘I love you.’

5:24am – Free and I hop in the car and head for Downtown Salt Lake.

5:26am – We turn around after I notice that I left my phone on the kitchen counter.

5:28am – Free and I hop in the car and head for Downtown Salt Lake.

5:53am – We meet up with a friend who is running with me and take the train up to the starting line near the University of Utah Hospital.

6:45am – It’s decided we need to use the restrooms along with thousands of other runners.

6:52am – Still waiting for an open Honey Bucket.

6:55am – I start contemplating who’s idea it was to name a port-a-potty ‘Honey Bucket.’ No matter what you call it, it’s still going to smell like…

6:58am – Two minutes to gun time. Still waiting.

7:00am – Gun goes off and the race begins…still waiting for a Honey Bucket.

7:01am – Still waiting.

7:02am – Still waiting.

7:03am – Still waiting.

7:04am – Still waiting.

7:05am – Success!

7:08am – A quick stretch and we’re off! We might be pushing up the rear, but at least we’re not weaving through countless other runners. I might try this again?!

7:12am – My first comment from a runner comes as I chat with my friend.

7:17am – My friend Joe, who’s Mom is battling her own battle with breast cancer is on the side of the road (in full-denim mind you) yelling at me, “GO DENIM MAN! GO!” This made my day. He wasn’t even done.

7:23am – I quickly tire answering the question, “Are you seriously running in long pants?” All I can think is, “Well, I’m here running next to you in the race wearing long pants. What do you think?”

7:38am – Three miles into my run and I notice that I probably started my race a bit too fast. The legs are yelling at me.

7:46am – I hear someone singing “Rock it like a Hurricane” a couple runners behind me. I throw ‘em the horns.

7:47am – I start singing “Rock it like a Hurricane”…this is the curse of not running with an iPod.

8:04am – I get to Sugarhouse Park and I hear the following conversation between two women happening somewhere behind me.

Woman #1: Oh, my gosh! He’s an idiot! He’s running in long pants!

Woman #2: He’s going to die! There’s no way I could do that!

Woman #1: I’d be burning up by now.

Woman #2: But, that’d be a great way to lose weight, kind of like how wrestlers run in garbage bags.

Woman #1: Maybe I should start running in long pants!


8:16am – In my attempt to get ‘Rock it like a Hurricane’ out of my head. I start singing Forever in Blue Jeans.

8:32am – I run into my friend Joe again as he yells to the top of lungs for “DENIM MAN!” I stop to get my picture with him.

8:38am – Just minutes after rendezvousing up with Joe, I meet a 77 year old woman running the half marathon. Her name is Elfie, she’s from Germany and claims to never have trained for a race in her life, she just walks fast everywhere. I’m marveled at her persistence and also question her definition of “running” and “walking fast.”

9:16am – I reach ‘Mile 9’ with my legs completely exhausted and take a break at the aid station with Gatorade and Clif Bars. I’m a bit anxious and worried that I might be overheating a bit. Temperatures are starting to reach 60-65 degrees.

9:21am – I get rejuvenating at one of the picture points when the two photographers react to my appearance like I am a rock star. I oblige by showing off my ‘Denim for a Cure’ shirt, a huge smile and…again…throw them the horns.

9:33am – As I cross an intersection I hear one cop observe to another officer, “Oh brother, that’s the wrong kind of running gear.”

9:42am – I turn onto State Street and start my climb towards downtown.

9:47am – I pass the Downtown Sears store where there’s usually a taco stand. It must too early for them, which is too bad, because I could really use a Horchata right about now.

9:52am – I pass Elfie and am relieved that I will finish before her.

9:57am – I take my last turn and head towards the finish line. As I pass the new City Creek Center and Temple Square I get out my phone and call my Mom. Tired and exhausted; I breathlessly tell her we are crossing the finish line together.

10:00am – That crazy guy on his phone who ran in denim crosses the finish line as my brother and friends cheer my accomplishment.

10:01am – I tell my Mom this race is more for her than anything, because I never would have tried something this crazy if she didn’t mean so much to me. I tell her I love her and hang up.

10:06am – I stumble around the finish line taking all the free offerings of  ice cream, Red Bulls, and water.

10:09am – I get my photo taken with my finisher’s medal in my denim. The photographer can’t believe I ran all 13.1 miles in denim. I take a moment and can’t believe it either. All I can do is smile and thank God for the experience.

Jeans, treadmill, and haiku!

You all know my love for Charla and the way she shares her relationship with running brilliantly in 17 syllables, right? If not, you haven’t been paying attention. You should be visiting her regularly here: Running Haiku.

She sent me the following picture taken at her gym in Bonney Lake, WA. Accompanying it was a haiku:

Caught sight of my prey
I pretended to workout
Felt like a stalker

Isn’t marathon running hard enough?

Mike over at Running Is Funny had a post recently about David Lawrenson who will be competing in the London Marathon on April 22nd dressed as a 24ft Blackpool Tower.

I’m eagerly waiting to see if he just wore the jeans to pose for the photo or – we can hope – he plans to run the race IN JEANS!

This picture and the comments made a few days ago by Kristen and Tracey gave me an idea for a new blog that I started this week: Other than a few random blog posts out there, I don’t see that this has been done yet. Let me know what you think of it.

What the…?

I looked high and low to confirm that what I am about to show you is not a joke. Unfortunately, it appears to be a real thing and takes “jean-inspired clothing” to a new level.

Acquacalda Design has designed jeans that double as a picnic table.

Yes, your eyes read that correctly. Meet the Pic Nic Pant:

From the website: “Pic Nic pants take advantage of the usual cross-legged position to become a comfortable surface useful for the consumption of a meal outdoors. Laterally pants have an orientable pocket for drinks.”

Friends, know that we are all connected not only in our love of looking at people inappropriately wearing jeans while exercising but now also in the collective shaking of our heads that just occurred.

Awesome find, Zebo!



 Josher is ready for his denim-clad race tomorrow! SQUEEEE!! Thanks to the following people that donated to Denim for a Cure to make this happen:

Minka Misangyi, San Antonio, TX. Author of MoreThanRunning
Jill Whitaker, Las Vegas, NV. Author of JillWillRun and theRUNiverse
Tracey Lazos, Boston, MA. Author of StrideAndJoy
Marcie, Dallas, TX
Charla Neuman, Seattle, WA. Author of RunningHaiku
Amy Ambler, Salt Lake City, UT
And all the others!
You can still donate by clicking here.

Ooooh shiny!

@connor_ireland spotted this guy working out in jeans and a sparkly belt.



Josher did a dress rehearsal last night with his running outfit. Check it out. Two days! Thanks to the following people that donated to Denim for a Cure:

Minka Misangyi, San Antonio, TX. Author of MoreThanRunning
Jill Whitaker, Las Vegas, NV. Author of JillWillRun and theRUNiverse
Tracey Lazos, Boston, MA. Author of StrideAndJoy
Marcie, Dallas, TX
Charla Neuman, Seattle, WA. Author of RunningHaiku
Amy Ambler, Salt Lake City, UT
And all the others!
You can still donate by clicking here.
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