Denim for a Cure Update + Giveaway!

1. $1000 was raised in under one week so Josher will be running the Salt Lake City Half Marathon on April 21, 2012 in head-to-toe denim. You, people who don’t know Josher, his mom, or me, overwhelmed us with your generosity and kindness. A special thanks to the viewers that supported Denim for a Cure:

  Mary Long, Sellersville, PA
  Minka Misangyi, San Antonio, TX. Author of MoreThanRunning
  Jill Whitaker, Las Vegas, NV. Author of JillWillRun and theRUNiverse
  Tracey Lazos, Boston, MA. Author of StrideAndJoy
  Marcie, Dallas, TX
  Charla Neuman, Seattle, WA. Author of RunningHaiku
  Amy Ambler, Salt Lake City, UT
2. Josher’s running outfit is coming together nicely. But we still need ideas from you for MORE DENIM.
3. Josher isn’t stopping at $1000. He wants to continue to raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute through Huntsman Hometown Heros. On Monday, April 9th he is encouraging everyone to pack a lunch and donate the $5 that you would have spent on lunch to help fight cancer. He chose April 9th because that is the day his mom will have her mastectomy. We ask that, as you donate your lunch money, you keep his mom and every cancer survivor, fighter, and victim in your thoughts and prayers that day.
I’ll be donating. Please join me by donating here.

4. Finally, has generously donated the Granola Wool running sock for Josher to wear during the race (see pic above). Notice the denim-look stripe. Josher’s first choice was the Denim Wool style but they did not have his size available.. then sent several pairs of the Denim Wool version to me. Fortunately, the too-small-for-Josher-size fit me perfectly! I wore them to the gym this morning and LOVE THEM (notice caps, bold, AND underline). The were soft, comfortable, breathable, and supportive without squeezing the life out of my foot – an overall quality pair of socks. And as much as I would like to keep all three pairs for myself, I’m going to give two of them away. This is a running/cycling sock in size “S/M” (men 5-9, women 6-10, euro 37-42). They are made of 75% Isolwool, 15% nylon, 10% Spandex.
In order to qualify, answer the following question by leaving a comment (one per person, please):
Would you ever run a race in jeans?
  a) Yes. I already did.
  b) Yes. I would love to try it and am just looking for the opportunity.
  c) Maybe, given the right circumstances.
  d) Hell no, I’m not a lunatic.
  e) Or some other answer: _________________________________
        (your fill-in-the-blank answer counts as a double entry if written in haiku)
I will assign each comment a number (or two for you haiku-writers) and use to choose two numbers on Monday morning. Winners will be notified via email.
And you should totally check out the ADORABLE socks. If you want to buy me a present (ahem, Husband), they are all cute and I’d be happy with any of them but especially these ones (click pic to take you to the page on
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  1. Mary

     /  April 6, 2012

    I would have to answer C- because I have never run a race but want to try one. I just need to get up the nerve to face my fear and sign up for one! I have one in mind for fall though….
    As for Josh… Sometimes you can find denim head wraps at girls accessory stores like Claire’s or Icing. I am not sure what they have out there in UT but it’s worth him checking out!

    • Thank yoU! I will have to check. I think there is a Claire’s here in Utah? Hopefully. I saw some online, but the website looked semi-sketchy (wanna keep my credit card # in safe hands). But, I have Monday off and I plan to do some shopping around for more accessories.

  2. I am a B! It would be a 5K which may not be until Fall. A triathlon this summer in jeans would be tricky…

  3. Definitely D! Definitely D! LOL! 😉

  4. I am scared as hell
    Need the right pair of blue jeans
    You swear no chafing?


  5. Just finished taxes
    Need something to cheer me up
    Want pictures of jeans

  6. I would run in jeans
    Given the right denim gear
    A medal I’d win.

    @IllinoisHawkeye on twitter


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