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My real life could use a little more of something: girl friends who are sweet and kind and genuinely care about other people. The world has far too many self-centered, insecure, miserable, negativity-spewing, drama-craving, giving me the stink-eye-at-the-gym-for-no-reason kind of girls.

Through this blog, I’ve “met” a ton of women that I wish I could uproot and move to my neighborhood so we could be real friends. ‘Cause these girls aren’t your run-of-the-mill nice girls but genuine sweethearts. Thanks, Girls, for writing and inspiring me to be a better person. Here is the list (if I forgot anyone, I’ll add you to the list when I remember):

Awesome Chick Blog Roll

Another on this list is, Hemarie, I Sweat Pretty blogger. She may be the sweetest of all and is especially awesome because she is always looking for jean-wearing joggers during her races and is genuinely disappointed when she comes up empty. Times are changing! She sent me the following pictures were taken during the Corporate 5K on April 12, 2012 in Orlando, FL.

We have our first jorts and jogging stroller picture:

And this guy stretching mid-run:

You can read her spectator post about the race here. Thanks, Hemarie!

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