Mr. Oddy McOddBall

The following is such an odd video to make of yourself. I can tell you that 0:00-0:32 is the same and the payoff (if you can’t guess it-lol) comes at 0:32-0:36.



Josher’s head-to-toe Salt Lake City Marathon is just three days away!! Thanks to the following people that donated to Denim for a Cure:

Minka Misangyi, San Antonio, TX. Author of MoreThanRunning
Jill Whitaker, Las Vegas, NV. Author of JillWillRun and theRUNiverse
Tracey Lazos, Boston, MA. Author of StrideAndJoy
Marcie, Dallas, TX
Charla Neuman, Seattle, WA. Author of RunningHaiku
Amy Ambler, Salt Lake City, UT
And all the others!
You can still donate by clicking here.
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