An adorable women giving Josher a run for his money in her FULL DENIM!

In the second grade, after our first lesson about poetry, I sat on a published poetry book and plagiarized my first poetry-writing assignment (yeah, I got busted). I knew, at age 8, that I didn’t have the right-brained, creative, imaginative, Pinterest-lovin’ talents and abilities that others possessed. I still don’t. I do math proofs and solve logic problems for fun (okay, not anymore, ’cause I’m old but at one time I did).

You: “Shut the hell up, Jill, and show us pictures of people exercising in jeans.”

Me: “You shut up. I’m not done yet.”

So my point: I am blown away by those of you that possess the talents that I am lacking. Especially Boomie, author of Boomie Bol, a trove of poetry brilliance. Boomie sent me a picture of a denim-clad lady at her gym and, because I have been a fan of her writing, asked her if she would share her talents and write an accompanying poem. Minutes later (no exaggeration) she sent me one. Enjoy her poem and picture then go visit her blog, Boomie Bol, and prepare to have your right-brain world rocked.

Cuter than her Complete Denim Outfit

Cuter than her complete denim outfit

Were the flower patterns on her top

Ones she could have knitted on herself

But she gets cuter

As she gets on the treadmill

Running at the slowest pace ever seen

Cute and petite

I wanted to see her face

After 7 minutes

She got off

Glasses on her face

A smile permanent on her face

Like a tattoo

And walked towards the exit

Then she paused for a second and said

Sweetly “you are a strong one dear”

I smiled in gratitude

And whispered to myself

“I wish this lady was my grandma”

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  1. Thanks again Jill for indulging me :).

  2. Shared on twitter and facebook 🙂

  3. Very sweet. 🙂

  4. MeJosher

     /  April 27, 2012

    Awesome! Yeah, I don’t know if I could do the long denim shirt! That’s legit! But, I love the poem!


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