Jean Jogging Couple

Tracey, Stride and Joy blogger, submitted today’s picture. She took it during the Brian K. Betts 5K on May 19, 2012 in Washington DC. It is our first COUPLE picture! I wonder what kind of cute jean-jogging babies (grandbabies maybe) these two created?

If you aren’t a follower of Tracey’s blog, it is time to do it now. While I assume that most readers enjoy reading about her quest to run 52 organized races in 52 weeks (a feat in and of itself), I am a faithful reader because I enjoy being  a witness to her growth as a runner – it brings me such joy!

I can’t judge…

…because if I ever run a race in jeans, I’ll be sporting this look:

It isn’t that I don’t believe all the jean-wearing runners that say they were chafe-free, rather…um…well, yeah, I guess I don’t believe them. 🙂

Is it cheating to have a layer of protection between thick denim seams and my girlie parts? If so, then cheer me on during my race by yelling as I go by: “Go, Jill!! You can do it!! You cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater.”

Picture taken by @koswims.

Jeans and sweaters at the gym!?

This working-out-in-jeans thing is getting A BIT out of control. Now we are seeing jeans and sweaters at the gym?!

Danny Disco spotted

I sporadically search Twitter for pictures of people jogging and exercising in jeans. Imagine my delight, in just a few hours after I posted the Danny Disco pictures, when I found this:

UPDATE: Boyfriend Danny tells me this pic was taken at the Spring Bear Run in Portsmouth, OH.

I <3 Danny Disco

Let me start out by saying: Hahahahaha!

[taking a moment to compose myself]

Ahem. Bahahahaha!

Meet Danny Disco. He sent me pictures of himself running IN JORTS, an authentic 70’s disco shirt, and (what I think is) a wig. Apparently, this is is running gear for all his road races!

This dude cracks me up. And it wasn’t just the pictures either. I responded to his initial email with several questions for him, and I am sure that none of his responses were true. Example:

Question: Is Danny Disco an alias? (either way, it might be the best name EVER).

Answer: My real name is not Danny Disco. I am in the witless protection program.

Hahaha! Bam…added to my boyfriend list just like that! Have you ever met a chick more easy to please than me? Seriously, have you?

I seriously need to know why all the fun jean and jort-wearing runners aren’t in my REAL life. Please, move to Pittsburgh, and lets be friends and start a running group.

No surprises here

This picture comes with its own caption. I’m sure my answer won’t surprise you.

No question – THE coolest mom

Charla, from Running Haiku, is quickly climbing the ranks as’s favorite viewer. She writes me poetry, takes pictures of strangers at her gym in jeans, and even gets her mom in on jort-wearing fun:

Crazy Color Run
Coolest mom on Mother’s Day
Rockin’ her white jorts

My heart is ready to burst…

…from all the love I have for jean cupcakes!

Notice the detail: the stitching, the cuffs, the really worn pair with all the creases on the left, the stiff new pair with minimal creases. So much LOVE!

The girl who made these is a cupcake-making GENIUS: Facebook pics. Blog.

Thanks, Cori, for making my DAY!

And the boyfriend list grows

I’m officially adding Josher to my list of boyfriends. On the original list, I had him on there, then took him off, put him on again, took him off. My hesitation was that I thought he was like 20 years old, and it felt creepy to have a boyfriend that wasn’t old enough to order a beer and was young enough to be my kid. F, I am old. [Groan] I later found out that he is 30. So I’m cool with that. Welcome to an elite club of awesomeness, Josher.

Updated boyfriend list (some of these posts are my favs, so check them out if you are new to the site):

1. Dan. And then a fan club was created (which has been updated with a photo from marathon #5). And again.

2. Gabe. And Gabe again in the greatest jogging in jeans “footage” in existence.

3.  Sean. And Sean again. And again. And again. Shut up.

4. Bob.

5. Zach and Matt.

6. Josher. And Josher again. And Josher one more time:

In the past two weeks, Josher ran the Provo City Half Marathon and the Susan G. Komen Race in Salt Lake City IN DENIM! Once again, he did this to raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. You can see his recaps here and here.  And you can still donate on his behalf through Huntsman Hometown Heros. And don’t forget that YOU can run in jeans as part of Josher’s Virtual 5K. Do it!

And, with this being post #4 about Josher, he just won himself his very own category on (joining the ranks of Sean)!

Jeggings tribute!

Jill and the girls over at Whine & Cheese Run Club ran the Shamrock Shuffle 5K on March 10th. From one of their posts about the race:

“Apparently there was also a chance to win more prize money as the most spirited/recognizable team.  In typical Steph fashion, she went overboard shopping for St. Paddy’s day themed gear.  The white shirt she bought me said this on the back: I’m not lucky, I’m good.

We also decided that as a tribute to Jill over at (who we love to death) we would wear jeans or jeggings.  Steph looked high and low and finally scored us some jeggings, although mine were a little small and I felt like I had to pour my postpartum belly into them.”

LOVE!! Postpartum belly stuffed into too-small jeggings and all!









Steph’s recap of the first 5K where she ran the whole race (go Steph!) may just be the most creative and cute one that I’ve ever read. If you don’t like it, there is something seriously wrong with you. #JustSayin

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