I <3 Danny Disco

Let me start out by saying: Hahahahaha!

[taking a moment to compose myself]

Ahem. Bahahahaha!

Meet Danny Disco. He sent me pictures of himself running IN JORTS, an authentic 70’s disco shirt, and (what I think is) a wig. Apparently, this is is running gear for all his road races!

This dude cracks me up. And it wasn’t just the pictures either. I responded to his initial email with several questions for him, and I am sure that none of his responses were true. Example:

Question: Is Danny Disco an alias? (either way, it might be the best name EVER).

Answer: My real name is not Danny Disco. I am in the witless protection program.

Hahaha! Bam…added to my boyfriend list just like that! Have you ever met a chick more easy to please than me? Seriously, have you?

I seriously need to know why all the fun jean and jort-wearing runners aren’t in my REAL life. Please, move to Pittsburgh, and lets be friends and start a running group.

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