I can’t judge…

…because if I ever run a race in jeans, I’ll be sporting this look:

It isn’t that I don’t believe all the jean-wearing runners that say they were chafe-free, rather…um…well, yeah, I guess I don’t believe them. 🙂

Is it cheating to have a layer of protection between thick denim seams and my girlie parts? If so, then cheer me on during my race by yelling as I go by: “Go, Jill!! You can do it!! You cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater.”

Picture taken by @koswims.

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  1. As an expert in how to properly run in denim without chaffing to death … you HAVE to have a layer of compression shorts underneath. That was my biggest mistake in my first 10K. Tighter jeans also help constrict the movement and possibility of chaffing.

    I know too much about this topic.

  2. Spandex under jeans
    May be ugly but it’s smart
    When you don’t have Glide

  3. It’s only half cheating….you protect yourself from the chaffing (cheating if you’re jogging in jeans) but you still have the restriction factor of wearing jeans!


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