Gym signs that suck

Sent to me by the hysterical (albeit foul-mouthed) Brian from Brian Watkins is Fat. If you have a minute, read his first blog post to get a feel for his “style.” If you don’t love him, I don’t know if we can be friends anymore.

From Charla over at Running Haiku

From @MotherRunnerSue


From Reader Stephanie

“Barefoot and in jeans guy? Legit.”

Thanks to everyone who sent me the link to the article about the Oregon Track Club’s All-Comers Meet that was held at the venue of the 2012 Olympic Trials.

Apparently, there was a guy there who ran the “Jogger’s Mile” barefoot and IN ROLLED UP JEANS.

Nike ain’t got nothing on Levi’s

And there is video!

I NEED to find this guy. Who are you, Boyfriend #46?!? And how did you get to be so awesome?

Denim swimwear!?

I’m going on vacation soon and started shopping for a new swimsuit. I’ve narrowed my choices down to these:

And I found this one for my husband:

Pictures of us on the beach in St. Martin will be posted next month. 😉

Further proof

I recently wrote about how sometimes people run in jeans out of necessity – they forgot their running gear. Here is a Tweet with further proof that a lot of the jean-wearing joggers we see MIGHT just be hardcore runners who can’t miss a run.

Although, if I saw this dude out running, I’d be 99% sure he just robbed someone – I think the cap makes him look more “lets hit a liquor store” than “lets hit the pavement.

Regardless, thanks @drunkenrunner for posting this pic!

Uh…I think she has it backwards.

I thought the convention was to protect yourself from the chafe of jeans by wearing tights underneath them. This chick is rockin’ jeans under her tights.

Thanks, @JayBlaqout for the pic.

Reason #5 why people jog in jeans: awesomeness

Our fifth and final reason why people jog in jeans: they are the most awesome humans alive. Click picture for more details about their awesomeness.

(BTW, Fan Club Members, our page has been updated with a picture from marathon #6. I was worried about Dan’s silence for awhile. I thought we scared him away with all our love.)

Reason #4 why people jog in jeans: its a cultural thing, yo

Over the past few months, numerous people have sent me links to pictures on blogs that are about someone’s missionary trip or adventure to some other part of the world. As a part of these blog posts, there are, invariably, pictures of people are running in jeans.

It never felt right to post these pictures because – let’s face it – who am I to judge? I’m not at these races; I don’t know the culture of these far off places. Hell, I don’t even know where half of the places are located on a map. And the bloggers who are in these countries are not all, “Haha, look at that one dude running in jeans.” but rather, “I was surprised at all the dudes and dudettes running in jeans.” (I might be paraphrasing.)

And while I feel comfortable smirking at you and whipping out my camera if you are running down the streets of Pittsburgh IN JEANS (because Abby said it best, that’s “bat crap crazy”), I will not put on display someone doing something in a culture that I know nothing about. That’s how I roll.

Except for this one time. 

Number 4 on our list of reasons why someone would jog in jeans: their culture says that it is perfectly normal.

Some examples:

At a starting line in Amman, Jordon via Habibti Katie

At a race in Kenya via Word and Deed

In Abu Dhabi via Rural Route Runner

And that concludes our cultural sensitivity lesson for today on Tune in next time for the fifth and final reason why people jog in jeans! Can you guess what it is?

Reason #3 why people jog in jeans: dedication

Another reason why someone might jog in jeans: dedication.

Meet Abby. She was two weeks into a run streak, was feeling lousy, and knew if she went home to change into appropriate exercise wear, she wouldn’t make it back out of the house. Her post about running in jeans on her blog, Square Zero, MADE. MY. DAY.

The post is called “Reasons I Should Be Institutionalized” and cracked me up. A bit of it:

Picture this if you will: It is pouring rain, you’re driving home through your neighborhood and suddenly you notice someone out running.  Now remove the running clothes you are picturing and put her in jeans and a work shirt, add some jewelry, and instead of running shoes let’s give her flowered ballet flats. 
What would you think? I’d think:
A. Girl escaped from a mental institution – bat crap crazy
B. She is being chased by a serial killer (a la an Episode of Criminal Minds)
Go read the rest of her post and tell her you want to hear about more jean-wearing adventures. And some jeans and ballet flat action shots would be a nice bonus. Not for me or anything…ahem.

Reason #2 why people jog in jeans: commitment to a cause

Number 2 on our list of reasons why someone would jog in jeans: the runner wants to attract attention to a cause.

You know who I’m gonna talk about here, don’t you? Yeah, my boy Josher. Since the beginning of Denim for a Cure just three months ago, Josher ran six (!) races in denim and raised buckets of money for breast cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute through Huntsman Hometown Heros.

There were so many pictures to choose from for this post that I could make a collage with just a fraction of them!

It felt very serial killer-like to make a collage of someone else’s photos.

The most awesome part about Josher? He’s still at it. His latest endeavor? He is hosting a half marathon – The Pink Donut Half Marathon

My offer to love you forever if you click here and donate to this great cause still stands. And if you are wondering, his mom is doing well.

Reason #1 why people jog in jeans: forgetfulness

There are a variety of reasons that people jog in jeans, and we are going to visit them over the next few posts.

One possible reason why someone would jog in jeans: the runner forgot his running gear.

Meet Ed Tullius. He didn’t let forgetting his running shorts keep him from running Auggie’s 5K Run and Walk in Warwood, West Virginia. In fact, forgetting his running shorts didn’t stop him from WINNING the race either. You can read the article about him and his race here.  

One observer called his jorts “OverArmour.” LOVE IT.

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