Some tennis chick jogging in jeans

I was skeptical when I saw this Tweet and picture of tennis champ Agnieszka Radwanska running around a lake.

I thought to myself, “Are they really jeans?” I couldn’t enlarge the picture any further. My magnifying glass didn’t help.

But then I found this Tweet the same day:

See how I pieced together the story? And gathered evidence of jean-wearing jogging? That is some 21st century Sherlock Holmes shit right there.

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  1. You have mad skills, yo. PI for hire?

  2. Maybe they’re pajama jeans… not that it makes it any better.

  3. Sherlock got nothing on you 🙂

  4. okay, the best part of this blog is that u go full on legit investigator report style!! like the others say, u make darn sure to find out this chick is cray-cray enough to sport the real deal! 😉 love it!

  5. Hemarie

     /  June 3, 2012

    You is talented!


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