Reason #3 why people jog in jeans: dedication

Another reason why someone might jog in jeans: dedication.

Meet Abby. She was two weeks into a run streak, was feeling lousy, and knew if she went home to change into appropriate exercise wear, she wouldn’t make it back out of the house. Her post about running in jeans on her blog, Square Zero, MADE. MY. DAY.

The post is called “Reasons I Should Be Institutionalized” and cracked me up. A bit of it:

Picture this if you will: It is pouring rain, you’re driving home through your neighborhood and suddenly you notice someone out running.  Now remove the running clothes you are picturing and put her in jeans and a work shirt, add some jewelry, and instead of running shoes let’s give her flowered ballet flats. 
What would you think? I’d think:
A. Girl escaped from a mental institution – bat crap crazy
B. She is being chased by a serial killer (a la an Episode of Criminal Minds)
Go read the rest of her post and tell her you want to hear about more jean-wearing adventures. And some jeans and ballet flat action shots would be a nice bonus. Not for me or anything…ahem.
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  1. Ha. Too ridiculous! I just randomly stumbled across this via Twitter & It’s Me! How hilarious is that?!? Thanks for recognizing my craziness. I appreciate the shout out!
    All you other jean runners & wannabees please feel free to follow for more tales of my running misadventures.
    Or you can chat with me via Twitter:!/BackAtSquare0 or FB: and tell me your crazy stories. I”d love to hear them.

  1. I’m Famous, Where’s the Rich
  2. I'm Famous, Where's the Rich - Back At Square Zero

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