The start of a jean-wearing story told via Twitter

So much jean-wearing fabulous-ness occurred while I was away on vacation. The best, by far, is Running Haiku‘s Charla’s jean-wearing Ragnar Relay adventure. The start of the story, told via Twitter, had me boarding my flight in the best mood:

Then a response from the love of my virtual life (BTW, the We Love Dan Fan Club page has been updated with a picture from marathon #7):

Then from her website after the race:

Some thoughts that ran through my head while taking in all this awesomeness:

– Bahahahaha!

– Charla is giving Bekilynne a run for her money as the most awesome girl I know.

– I didn’t know that double dog dares worked with anyone over the age of 8.

– I MUST own those pink shoes she wore for the race.

– How much did alcohol play a part in Charla’s decision to run in jeans?

– If Dan says that you look awesome, I secretly hate you for a moment.

– What if running in jeans made everyone faster? Try it, People. And get pictures.

– Am I being a hypocrite for not at least trying this jean-wearing jogging thing?

We are all looking forward to the rest of the story. Get writing, Charla!

Me. Here. Relaxing. Resting. Happy.

I’ll be back soon! Keep those pictures coming: JoggingJeans [@] gmail [.] com.

I have posts scheduled over at Best Race Costumes and Best Race Signs to keep you entertained while I am away.

Imagine his sweat-soaked underwear

It is hard enough mustering up the energy to do any exercise outside when the temperature is holy-hell-it’s-hot-as-shit degrees with humidity at sweet-mama percent. But to EVEN consider running IN REGULAR CLOTHES when you can’t move for 10 seconds outdoors without ending up with sweat-soaked underwear is BEYOND my comprehension.

BTW, have I said recently that @BekiLynne is the most awesome girl I know? One, BAM! Two, BAM! And now three!

In case you have been going through cutie old guy withdrawal…

…like me, here is one for you. LOVE HIM!

Thanks, @AwesomeWalter for the picture.

One of my fitness inspirations IN JEANS

I can forgive professional figure competitor Davana Medina for her jeans-in-the-gym violation because…well, she is gorgeous.

NEW greatest jogging in jeans “footage”

So we thought we witnessed the the greatest jogging in jeans “footage” in existence, right?

It just got better. A WHOLE lot better. And it involves a flying jump kick.

Yep, that is Gabe again running this year’s Colfax Marathon. He is looking especially awesome in jorts, a bow tie, aviator sunglasses, and with a beer in hand. The shirtless part? Bonus. The kick? Brilliance.

Runners, we need more flying jump kicks during races. Do it. [UPDATE: Oh, goodness, what did I just do?]

He joked in the post on his website that we could watch the gif 400o times. Already done. Nothin’ to it.

Danny Who?

The man behind Danny Disco gets more fascinating by the day. After a couple of race photos of him in a wig, jorts, an authentic disco shirt, and tie, what more could I ask for? Really, I didn’t think it could get any better.

And then there was this picture of “Danny Dukes” in the same wig, jorts, and a half shirt at the Duck N’ Run 5K on June 21, 2012.

And then this one as “Danny Denim” in a dark wig, jorts, a denim jacket, and denim calf sleeves (These exist!? Josher, you NEED to get a pair!) at the Wapakoneta Firecracker 5K on July 4, 2012.

If there are more aliases, it might be the death of me. Has anyone ever died from too much happiness?

UPDATE: After Josher and I couldn’t find the denim calf sleeves online, I wrote and asked where we can buy them. The response:

“Those denim calf sleeves were especially handcrafted by Danny Denim himself by cutting off the sleeves of the jean jacket he turned into a jean vest. Danny is pretty environmentally conscious (he’ll never be mistaken for self-conscious) and hates to see anything go to waste especially when that jacket cost him $5 at the Salvation Army store. Josher may be able to fashion a pair for himself in the same way as Danny Denim has no trademarks on them.” 

Workout gear in 1972

It is not JUST a guy thing

Dear Sir, Your running gear could not be any more fabulous! Love, Me

Charla over at Running Haiku sent me this picture she took of a guy getting ready to run the Firecracker 5000 in Seattle on July 4, 2012.

I asked her if he knew she was taking the picture or if she pulled another stalker move and snuck the photo while he was…uh…praying? Her response:

“He knew. I had set my stuff down to put my bib on and saw him halfway across the field. Didn’t think before leaving everything there and sprinting to make sure I caught him. Tapped him on the shoulder and asked half way out of breath if I could take his picture. While I took it, I asked if he had heard of He said, “No.” I said, “Well, you might want to check it out because I have a feeling you might be on it in a couple of days.” Then I took off to see if my stuff was still there and kicked myself for not getting his name.”

Dearest Nameless Jorts-Wearing Runner,

Your running gear could not be any more fabulous! And I think you and this guy would be great friends. In fact, I think you and I would be great friends.


Your biggest fan

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