He’s more hardcore than you…even when he is running IN JEANS

My new friend, Carly, sent me a picture of her awesome husband. This is Terrance:

He is known to frequently forget his running shorts and run IN JEANS and khakis.

Before you hardcore runners put your snobby noses up in the air and scoff, know that Terrance is a coach with the Boston Athletic Association and is a 2:20 marathoner. So, pffttt.

A couple of the awesome things in the email from Carly:

“Many of us on the team have made fun of him for this.  However, since seeing your website mentioned in Runner’s World and subsequently checking it from time to time, he now takes pride in any of his jeans running days.”

“We are actually expecting our first child soon (a boy).  My due date is July 7th.  Terry is hoping that I give birth the same day his photo is posted on JoggingJeans.com.  Ha!”

So the post was all set to go up on her due date but little Conrad Finley Shea came into this world a little earlier than expected on Sunday, July 1st.

Congrats to Carly and Terrance, and here’s hoping this beautiful baby boy takes after his jean-wearing running father!

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