The start of a jean-wearing story told via Twitter

So much jean-wearing fabulous-ness occurred while I was away on vacation. The best, by far, is Running Haiku‘s Charla’s jean-wearing Ragnar Relay adventure. The start of the story, told via Twitter, had me boarding my flight in the best mood:

Then a response from the love of my virtual life (BTW, the We Love Dan Fan Club page has been updated with a picture from marathon #7):

Then from her website after the race:

Some thoughts that ran through my head while taking in all this awesomeness:

– Bahahahaha!

– Charla is giving Bekilynne a run for her money as the most awesome girl I know.

– I didn’t know that double dog dares worked with anyone over the age of 8.

– I MUST own those pink shoes she wore for the race.

– How much did alcohol play a part in Charla’s decision to run in jeans?

– If Dan says that you look awesome, I secretly hate you for a moment.

– What if running in jeans made everyone faster? Try it, People. And get pictures.

– Am I being a hypocrite for not at least trying this jean-wearing jogging thing?

We are all looking forward to the rest of the story. Get writing, Charla!

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