Fake-Like-You-Care-About-Me Week, Day 2

We continue with the week where you get a weight lifting IN JEANS picture plus some information about me. It is also the week where you pretend to care.


Share an interesting thing about your childhood.

I entered kindergarten able to read and do 4th grade-level math.* As a result, all through grade school, I was never expected to do the academic work but rather was assigned to the trouble-maker kid who ate paste – as his tutor.

[Kirtus, what are you doing now?! Hopefully, me working with you to learn the difference between homonyms and synonyms and keep your boy parts in your pants led to later-in-life successes!]

And me on my first day of kindergarten (in the middle):

I think it is hysterical that I am so much taller than my two same-aged friends. Yeah, I was THAT girl in grade school – the only girl in the back row of all the class pictures, the girl picked before most of the boys for kickball, AND the nerd that didn’t have to do homework. Suck it, Bitches! [ahem]

*I think I have some backwards smartness disease. I started out brilliant and have gotten dumber with time. This website is evidence that I am of barely average intelligence at this stage of my life.

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