Running path graffiti

Do your running paths have painted runners on them? Have people turned the plain-Jane, boring, stick figures into awesome? I’ve never seen this before and just this Friday, two people brought running path graffiti to my attention.

Kristen, Inspired by Dooce blogger, saw these two on a run and posted pictures of them on her blog. Pie eating man and “hipster ninja”:

And then Rainbow Bright Anne (sorry, Sweetie, this will always be my name for you) sent me this denim-dressed one later in the day that she saw while out running:

Anyone else see graffitied running figures on their paths? Get pictures!

Want to run faster? Set a new PR?

Try running in jeans. No, seriously.

Charla did it.

Andrew did it.

“Below is a picture of the endurance multisport crew that ran the race – Jes finished second overall and Andrew has shiny new PR and he ran the race in jeans (did not plan on running it, but changed his mind at the last minute).”

You should try it. And get pictures. And send them to me.

A whole new meaning for “resting between sets”

The coolest Ragnar team

From what I can gather from their Flickr photostream, a group of people from Paradiso CrossFit in California put together a team for Ragnar Vegas. They had a Brittney Spears theme going on, and two of the running outfits were INCREDIBLE.

Here you have Justin and Britney from the 2001 American Music Awards:

Yes, My Friends, you are witnessing a jean skirt! A JEAN SKIRT! It is the first one we’ve seen here on and hopefully it is not the last.

Testicles. And weight lifting IN JEANS and sunglasses.

Before we start with today’s RIDICULOUS pictures of people in gyms wearing jeans AND sunglasses, click on over and check out two posts at From Wine to Weightlifting:

Lady Lifters Spotlight: Jill! This one is about me and has a post-workout picture of my 40 year old [gasp!] self. I also mention testicles.*

There is too much testosterone (and stink) in here! This one is a guest post written by me in which I was asked to give some advice to women who are new to weight lifting or those reluctant to try.


Jeans and sunglasses? In a gym? Really?

*I’m not sure why I think this makes the posts more enticing, but I do. 12 year old boy humor, I guess. 12 year old boy humor is great, by the way.

Getting smoked by a chick with a stroller and IN JEAN SHORTS

Never too young to jog in jeans!

I’m one of those “childless by choice” people. However, if I did have kids, I want these ones to be mine (you get to pick which ones you want, right?).


This kid ran the Wild Goose Chase 5K:   “Christian was the first finisher for the 12 and under group. He ran in jeans, because that’s what he always runs in.”


And this group of cuties ran a jog-a-thon. From the mom of two of the boys: “I told the boys this morning as they were getting ready to wear pants they could run in – they both looked at me a little strangely and informed me they ran in jeans all the time and they would be just fine.

And this princess is training IN JORTS to run a race with her mom.

And, oh my goodness, look at this proud papa! But I take issue that he thinks they need “Better planning next year.” I think your adorable jean-jogging son is dressed perfectly!

Denim overalls!

Enjoy this picture taken by Sara, Running My Butt Off blogger:

Remember, Readers, when we had someone (ahem, Craig, friend of Dan) tease us with the possibility of running in overalls? We are still waiting, Craig. We are also still waiting for the race where you, Craig, and your strikingly handsome friend run in jeans together. Wait, I got it! You can do it at the Pittsburgh Marathon next year – May 5th! 😉

…like a denim-toting gazelle.

Let’s face it: there are a bazillion fitness/running/healthy lifestyle blogs out there and most are crap.* But the rare blogs are those that pump out post after post of material that is meaningful, honest, inspirational, and isn’t constant horn-tooting and all “look how perfect everything is in my life.”  You feel me?

One of those blogs that I’ve recently discovered that fits this bill of a quality blog is TriKatyKid. And then, soon after I started following her blog, Katy posted these Tweets and a picture:

Katy said that she is also looking for an opportunity to jog in jeans so lets hope there is another post about her soon!


*If I’m following your blog, you don’t fall into this category.

Double jorts seen at the gym

You all know about my love for double denim photos, right? We’ve seen double jeans on treadmills and double jeans at the gym here and here. Today, thanks to Evan, we have two jort wearing dudes at the gym. Together. In one picture.

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