Fake-Like-You-Care-About-Me Week, Final Day

Thanks for the fun week, Friends. Given all the positive feedback, I may resurrect these types of posts randomly in the future. Perhaps those of you that have websites should dig out your old photos and do the same? Yeah! Yeah!


Some final random things about me:

My faith is the most important thing in my life. Nothing compares. I know that I have done nothing and can do nothing apart from His anointing grace in my life.

I’ve known my husband since the 2nd grade and we were friends for many years before we dated. I joke about having jean-jogging “boyfriends” but the truth is that my heart belongs to just one person (but he, unfortunately, doesn’t jog in jeans).

If I had more time in my life, I’d spend it at the gym. Strength training is the core of my fitness regimen. 45-60 minutes a day six days a week on and off for 20 years now. Yep, I’m the girl with all the dudes in the “hardcore” part of the gym. I just love every minute of it. After strength training, I’m all about variety – running, kickboxing, spinning, power yoga, Pilates, Insanity, really anything – I get bored very easily and shaking things up keeps me motivated.

I feel strongly that marijuana should be legalized. [Gasp!] Seriously, the fact that there is a safe, plant-product that is not able to be legally purchased by those that need and want it is the REAL crime.

I love Pittsburgh. Seriously, if you’ve never been here, and you are rolling your eyes and letting out a “meh,” your perceptions of it are wrong. You need to visit and see for yourself. Pittsburgh is already named the world’s top 20 places to visit in 2012, and this month it made another list: World’s Most Livable City. #30. The only US city higher? Honolulu. I’m okay with that.If my husband takes a picture of me, he makes a habit of saying something hysterical when I am posing and then takes the picture when I am hunched over cracking up or have some contorted, stifled-laugh face. As a result, the majority of the photos of me that he takes look just like this one which was taken when we were first married.

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  1. Running Unplugged

     /  September 1, 2012

    What a great picture! I usually avoid the “me in front of scenic view” pictures but that is great! (and a great story behind it!)

  2. I love this Jill. Can I be your friend? Lol, this is a beautiful post and speaks to the beautiful person that you are. Thanks for sharing.

    I so wanna be that girl with those hardcore dudes at the gym, but they all look so scary…maybe I will walk up to them next week and just ask for help with weights :).

    Love this post, might be my favorite of the day.

    • We ARE friends, Boomie! 🙂
      I hate that most girls are afraid of “that” section of the gym. PLEASE talk to girls you see there! In my experience, they are the nicest ones in the gym and are HAPPY to help and share their knowledge and experience.

  3. Love it! So impressed with your strength training. Wow. Can you ship me a bottle of your motivation? Thanks! Oh, and brilliant photo. 🙂

  4. Great blog! I’m not sure about the strength training. Great if you can do it!

  5. i love the gym, love it so much that i dream of putting up one in our village, a gym, with physical therapy/rehab center with spa with yoga studio…with coffee shop.. the physical rehab center was due to my exposure to these centers bringing my special child there as well as my mom who needed therapy, but, it still is a dream.. someday.. somehow… maybe. 🙂

  6. Gosh … Maybe I should have went to IUP for college all those years ago?!?
    You need to share some more stories from the hard core part of the gym …

  7. That picture is AWESOME!


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