…like a denim-toting gazelle.

Let’s face it: there are a bazillion fitness/running/healthy lifestyle blogs out there and most are crap.* But the rare blogs are those that pump out post after post of material that is meaningful, honest, inspirational, and isn’t constant horn-tooting and all “look how perfect everything is in my life.”  You feel me?

One of those blogs that I’ve recently discovered that fits this bill of a quality blog is TriKatyKid. And then, soon after I started following her blog, Katy posted these Tweets and a picture:

Katy said that she is also looking for an opportunity to jog in jeans so lets hope there is another post about her soon!


*If I’m following your blog, you don’t fall into this category.

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  1. runninghaiku

     /  September 16, 2012

    Score! I already follow her blog but am so happy you said things most others wouldn’t dare say. I’ve read too many blogs that leave me wondering why they have so many followers. BTW, only two more weeks until my big day! Eek!

  2. At some point I’m going to do a for realious training video entirely in denim. I’m thinking possibly including a vest. The real challenge will be maintaining a straight fact throughout. Thoughts/ideas?

  3. Matt, if you include a bolo tie, it would be extra awesome.

  4. trikatykid

     /  September 16, 2012

    Thank you so much for the kind words! They actually brought tears to my eyes! My phone was dead because apparently it got as excited about my new job offer as I did – and couldn’t stay up all night celebrating (neither could I; one-half glass of wine and I was out cold on the couch!). When I finally got things charged up, I saw this through Twitter first and it really made my day. Thank you again so much! I think the ultimate in denim running would be doing a triathlon in jeans but I am not going to risk drowning to make the centerfold of your blog. I am sure Michael Phelps could pull that one off, but not this one. In the meantime, I will keep my eyes peeled for other crazies!

  5. Diane Lammott

     /  September 16, 2012

    So cool… and congrats on your job!

  6. Heather

     /  September 19, 2012

    Oh man, I just started my own fitness/weight-loss blog. Any quick advice to make it not crap? Like, what’s the most annoying thing bloggers do? Also, how do these people not chafe the bejeezus out of themselves in denim? Holy!


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