Testicles. And weight lifting IN JEANS and sunglasses.

Before we start with today’s RIDICULOUS pictures of people in gyms wearing jeans AND sunglasses, click on over and check out two posts at From Wine to Weightlifting:

Lady Lifters Spotlight: Jill! This one is about me and has a post-workout picture of my 40 year old [gasp!] self. I also mention testicles.*

There is too much testosterone (and stink) in here! This one is a guest post written by me in which I was asked to give some advice to women who are new to weight lifting or those reluctant to try.


Jeans and sunglasses? In a gym? Really?

*I’m not sure why I think this makes the posts more enticing, but I do. 12 year old boy humor, I guess. 12 year old boy humor is great, by the way.

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