The coolest Ragnar team

From what I can gather from their Flickr photostream, a group of people from Paradiso CrossFit in California put together a team for Ragnar Vegas. They had a Brittney Spears theme going on, and two of the running outfits were INCREDIBLE.

Here you have Justin and Britney from the 2001 American Music Awards:

Yes, My Friends, you are witnessing a jean skirt! A JEAN SKIRT! It is the first one we’ve seen here on and hopefully it is not the last.

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  1. Photos like that do not make me sad that 2001 is over.

  2. You know I love this one.

  3. Damn! I did a ragnar this summer and can’t imagine sitting in the van after the run in that. Kudos to those guys for making it happen.

  4. I so want Britney and JT to reunite. It would usher in an era of peace and prosperity. I am sure of it.


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