Running path graffiti

Do your running paths have painted runners on them? Have people turned the plain-Jane, boring, stick figures into awesome? I’ve never seen this before and just this Friday, two people brought running path graffiti to my attention.

Kristen, Inspired by Dooce blogger, saw these two on a run and posted pictures of them on her blog. Pie eating man and “hipster ninja”:

And then Rainbow Bright Anne (sorry, Sweetie, this will always be my name for you) sent me this denim-dressed one later in the day that she saw while out running:

Anyone else see graffitied running figures on their paths? Get pictures!

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  1. Mary

     /  October 1, 2012

    OMG- Hahaha I’ve never seen this but now I’ll look for it! Or go make my own- looks like fun!


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