Another addition to the “Bloggers who Jogged in Jeans” club

From Katy’s blog, TriKatyKid:

“I wanted to run, but I was wearing jeans. Maybe in my past life I would have thought not possible or maybe in my past life I would have not thought twice. I don’t know. But I am living in a new era. An era that includes Jill and her blog So I did not just quietly or secretly pretend like I was running to catch a bus. Nope. I ran with purpose. I am officially a Jean Jogger. I am looking forward to running in jorts in the spring…” (read more here)

Welcome, Katy, to the elite club of awesomeness!!


Is Runner’s World endorsing jeans for running?! Looks like it!

The covers of Runner’s World Magazine ALWAYS have individuals wearing running clothes:

So you can imagine the PURE ENJOYMENT I got from the cover of the “Special Finishers Issue” for the 2012 Runner’s World Half and Festival:

How awesome is that arrow pointing to Mark Remy‘s favorite pair of running jeans?

Seen at the Gym Week, Day 7

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Chopped Off Head Edition

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I’m busting with jeans-in-the-gym pictures, BUSTING I tell you. So every day this week, you will be getting two (yes, TWO) pictures – one with someone on a treadmill IN JEANS and one with someone lifting weights IN JEANS.

I can hear your collective clanking, raised beer bottles, your cheers, and your “Wooohooo’s!” and “YESSSSS’s!” You are welcome.

I think you mean “awesome.”

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