The jorts “movement” precedes you. But welcome, you are loved here.

I stumbled upon a blog post written by cyclist Daniel who ran the Georgetown-Idaho Springs Half Marathon IN JORTS. In it he writes, “…my girlfriend thinks I should start a running in jorts movement.

Love the jorts. Love the picture. Love you. But I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that the jorts “movement” precedes you. No worries though. and its viewers welcome jort-wearing runners like you* with open arms!

*The fact that your name is Dan only makes you more loved.

UPDATE: Speaking of people named Dan, you remember the picture of Fabulous Jorts Man with the girl giving him the stink eye? Guess who that is? Danny Disco/Dukes/Denim/Dapper sans costumes! Mind. Blown.

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  1. As always Jill, it was a pleasure visiting your site!


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