Great jeans-in-the-gym Tweet and photo

I have to admit, I’m terrified to take pictures of people in jeans at my gym. My gym is a hardcore lifting gym and it would be very easy for the muscle-bound, grunting, sweating dude carrying around his gallon milk jug filled with water* to pound me to smitherines if he caught me doing it. I know that I certainly don’t have the stealth skills to pull it off. Calm and cool? Nope. I’d be awkward and nervous. And most certainly, I’d get busted.

However, if I could get a shot like THIS one, I’d totally be on it:

But know that when I do see people working out in jeans, I first smirk or giggle or shake my head (depending on the person). Then I imagine myself taking a picture, write a hypothetical post about it, and then lovingly think of all of you. That has to count for something, right?

* I am really annoyed by guys that do this. Also, the word “jug” is not used nearly enough (and I don’t mean in the “Look at the jugs on her!” sense, Guys).

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