We are about to witness a comeback

I received this comment last week from new reader Jess:

For some strange reason, I decided that I would start running in jean shorts for 2013.  I started today and was so excited.  Then, I came home and found your site…I am going to try to run the NYC this year in them.  Thanks for such a cool website that has really made me laugh and validated my weird New Year’s resolution. 🙂

And then there was this picture taken BEFORE her run:


Of course, I couldn’t let something this awesome go without an email to her. And she wrote back! And I wrote to her. And then she wrote again. And now Jess and I are best friends. Okay, not really, but trust me when I say that she is an INCREDIBLE person, even without her jort-wearing running New Year’s resolution.

So her story is that she is a hardcore runner – like Boston-qualifying runner – and then illness and injuries sidelined her for the past two years (like chronic illnesses and injuries). Fortunately, she is finally on the road to recovery and headed out IN JORTS for that first run back.

From a couple of her emails:

Soooo….2 years later, after going from a fit, marathon runner with nice quads, to a skinny legged, I can hardly get off of the couch mom (not by my choice, you know), I am BACK!!!!!!! Last night, in my jorts, I ran/walked for 3 miles. The fact that I could even do that, after 4 months of NOTHING, was really surprising to me. My legs are dying today, as if I ran a 22 min. 5K. 🙂  My fitness will return, right?

I cut the shorts about 5 inches so they aren’t so geeky. 

We are about to witness a comeback. And because Jess is doing it in jorts, she has cheerleaders around the world rooting for her [and if you are the praying sort, she can use those too].

New Friend Jess, keep us posted on your NYC Marathon training. Pictures of running legs sticking out of jorts are always welcome.

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