Final Dedication Day + Motivational Poster #4

The final day is dedicated to all the rest of you! You are ALL my favorites. Whether you did a jog in jeans once, think that some day you might try it, or just laugh along with us – you are the best and I love all of you. Just as you are. Don’t change one little thing.

But I gotta list a few people by name. Thanks for promoting and appreciating the jogging-in-jeans cause in the way that you do. And, yes, I’m hoping you come to the ‘Burgh some day.

The jean-joggers:

Charla: She nabbed a PR running in jeans, writes me poetry, and is always scoping out jean-wearers at her races. We ARE going to run a race together some day – I am sure of it.

Gabe: No words needed.

Katy: She ran in jeans and then, although it was quickly abandoned, started a 12 Days of Christmas jeans-running streak. The fact that she attempted it earns her major love points from me. (However, I am using her experience as scientific evidence for why I won’t try this whole silly jogging-in-denim thing.)

Jorts House Mafia members: How awesome would it be to be IN A PICTURE with Brian #2  in his underwear in front of the Point State Park fountain?

The non-jeans-joggers:

Minka: If you read her blog, you’ll know that she is incredible and the type of person that you want to have around you.

Elisa: Another person that you want to have in your circle. Plus she sends me jean-jogging pictures all the time AND she doesn’t live THAT far away for a Pittsburgh trip.

Jen: I don’t want her to just visit, I want her to move to Pittsburgh so we can be real friends. Anyone who announces her pregnancy to the blogging world in this way is clearly awesome on so many levels.

Whitney: She’s “racing the states” and hasn’t yet ran a Pennsylvania race. Hoping it is Pittsburgh some day! And we’ll go to the zombie store together.

Mary: I love her. My #1 site commenter! Woot woot!

I realized, while making this list, that there are oodles more of you that should be on it. So I’m calling this “Dedication Week – Part 1.” All of you, if I find out that you were in Pittsburgh without a heads-up…well, let’s just say that I better not find out [scrunched up nose and vicious evil eyes looking at Y.O.U].

And because I can’t have a post without a picture, enjoy’s motivational poster #4:


You can see all of the past posters that are motivating you to jog in jeans here.

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  1. mary long

     /  January 11, 2013

    You’re the best Jill – this was a great dedication week :0)

  2. I love you and your spirit! Yes, a Pitt Stop is in the future!

  3. What a fun week!! 🙂

  4. Awesome! Thanks so much! I haven’t been able to check my email/blog for the last few days because I was studying for two test, but today, I get only and saw that I had a bunch of referrers to my blog from yours…this was why!!

    I definitely want to come out and do a pittsburgh run! I’ll have to do some running in the usa races research here soon. I’m hoping to get a lot of states checked off this year! I also clicked that zombie store there and we are DEFINITELY checking that out! hahaha it looks awesome!!

    One last thing, with this whole virtual run crazy going on, I think you should host one! The catch, the people that want to run in your virtual race have to do their 5k (or whatever distance) in jeans of some sort. If you wanted a race fee, then maybe it could go to some good cause, maybe the one that one of your “boyfriends” runs for.

  5. Aw! Thank you, Jill! I ❤ you, too! And we would totally be friends in real life if we lived closer. Thanks to you, I now want to visit Pittsburgh (and get weirdly happy when someone on a reality show is from there – the way I do if they're from Boston) and I'm also considering running in jorts when I'm 8+ months pregnant because I think that would add to the hilarity. The only sticking point is that I'd have to figure out the right fit (size-wise).


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