Our answer to the running-in-denim chafing problem?

Wrangler Launches First Pair Of Moisturizing Jeans

WRANGLER will launch the first pair of moisturizing jeans…the pioneering skinny-fit style incorporates high-performance skincare ingredients to protect your legs from the dehydrating effects of denim.

The Denim Spa jeans come in three finishes – Aloe Vera, Olive Extract and Smooth Legs, which aims to prevent cellulite. Hydrating properties include of natural oils and butters, such as apricot kernel oil, passion fruit oil, rosehip oil, shea butter and monoi de Tahiti – a Polynesian ingredient made using Tiare flower buds soaked in refined coconut oil.

“They definitely feel cooler than regular jeans,” said Lizzie Jagger in a film to promote the style. “After a day wearing them, my legs feel great – they come out feeling more silky than usual.”  (source)

These jeans moisturize, protect from dehydration, prevent cellulite, and cool us down. Sounds like dream apparel for any runner, not just the denim-wearing kind.

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  1. You have got to be kidding. Let me guess… Good until just one wash?

  2. Mary

     /  January 19, 2013

    I never realized this was a problem. sounds gross. What next? Powder lined leather pants? I’ll just apply lotion before putting on my jeans.

    • trikatykid

       /  January 20, 2013

      I plan to just run in sweatpants like normal people.

      Only kidding, Jill.. 😉 Once a denim runner, always a denim runner. However, I am not sure I will ever be a skinny-jean runner. I might have to buy the ones infused with cellulite-reducers though so I won’t have to run so far.

  3. trikatykid

     /  January 20, 2013

    “they come out feeling more silky” .. as if wearing jeans is like running your legs through the wash. 🙂


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