Jean jogging submission from my sister!

I received the following three texts in succession while my sister was preparing to run the Fort Worth Jingle Bell Run on December 1, 2012.

Omy gosh the first time I have ever seen someone in jeans at a race. She was wearing a bib!!! I couldn’t get her from the front because I didn’t want to get busted taking her pic!!!


Ha ha ok apparently this is more of a “fun run” that I thought. This guy in jeans too!!!


Ok, I quit now, everybody is freakin in jeans and it is 85 degrees here! So ridiculous!!!!


Another denim jackpot race. Clearly.

Before I give you all the details about my sister’s blog, I need a favor. After you clickity click on over there and read a few posts, please DO NOT leave comments like, “Hey, I found you through your sister’s awesome jogging in jeans site.” or “How great is it having’s creator as a sister?”

Wanna know why?

Because unlike my sister who is very open and sharing of her online presence, I am quiet about mine. In fact, there are only a handful of people from my real life that know that I have this site.

You: Why, Jill? You are awesome and crack me up with your exercising in denim photos and commentary. Don’t be ashamed.

Me: Aww…this is why I love you. But most people do not share our weird sense of humor. Most people don‘t get the same joy that we do from viewing pictures of awesome/ridiculous people exercising in jeans.

You: No!

Me: Yes!

So if you mention “sister” and in a comment on her site, my mom will be calling me, “Tsk, tsk, don’t you have better things to do with your spare time?” And at the next wedding or funeral I attend, it is guaranteed that uncles and cousins will be all, “[arm nudge] Jog in any jeans lately? Harhar!” Some will silently wonder to themselves, “What is wrong with that girl?” Others will ask, “What does your husband think of your who-knows-how-many boyfriends?” And I’ll have to politely laugh and try to explain….[ugh] just don’t make me go there. Please.

With that said, my beautiful sister’s name is Lea. Her blog is Running for Dummies. Unlike me, she is a “real” runner. Unlike me, she is a fabulous writer. And she recently opened herself up in a way that is just amazing and really brave – I’m super proud of her.

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  1. trikatykid

     /  January 24, 2013

    I would like to say that running in jeans is NOT fun. So why someone would dub a race as a “fun run” based on the fact that people are running in jeans is just WRONG. 🙂 Running in an elf costume = fun. Running dressed like Mr. Incredible = fun. JEANS?!

    Maybe they should require participants of those new trendy muddy runs (Tough Mudder) to run in jeans.. I’d like to see THAT!

    I’d like to SEE that.. not DO that. 🙂

  2. Running for Dummies is your sister?? I totally follow her blog! Wow, talented family!

  3. Your family clearly does not run short (HAHA get it?) in the awesomeness department.

  4. mary long

     /  January 24, 2013

    Mums the word Jill – I completely understand! Not many people in my real life get why I blog and until recently, I never shared mine except for with a handful of people. My RL friends don’t follow it or read it… Hell – my husband and daughter don’t even read it! HAHAHA that’s fine by me though! I will check out your sister’s blog but pretend I don’t know you ;0)

  5. mary long

     /  January 24, 2013

    BTW – tell your sister nice hat trick! Three in 1 race… SMH

  6. Ooooo … I love secrets. I have one with a sibling. But, I’m afraid I’ve said too much! LOL!

  7. You are too funny Jill… Heading over to your sister’s and nope you didn’t send me :). Have a great weekend!!!

  8. Thanks sister for sharing my blog! We must be on the same sister wave length because I had a sisters theme on my blog today too, I shared a picture of us when we were little. 🙂

  9. You read my mind! (And then I loved your explanation, because I may feel the exact same way about my own blog…) 🙂


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