I’m not one that typically reblogs posts, but when you find a great post about running in a denim skirt and a purse written by a hysterical, tell-it-like-it-is blogger, you just gotta share.
If you don’t have time for the whole post, bookmark it for later and just read this:
And then… well, then I realised I have a problem. Mike Allsop ran past, high fiving everyone, looking like he hadn’t just travelled across the globe running a marathon a day for the last week. Ultrarunning legend Lisa Tamati ran alongside him. Dozens of people joined them for the last 5k and I watched them as they ran into the distance. I stared at my flowery canvas shoes (no socks), my denim mini skirt, and the purse I was holding. I thought to myself “You’re really sick and you’re not dressed for running. That would be really stupid.”

So of course I took off running and joined the group.

super generic girl

Today, Mike Allsop completed his 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days challenge. The man is a legend. There’s no way around it. He also did it all for charity, to help kids living in poverty. He’s as fit as they come (you have to be, to take on such a mammoth task), as crazy as it gets (see previous parenthesis) and apparently a pretty decent human being too.

Mike ran a marathon a day in each of the world’s continents last week, starting in the Falkland Islands on Monday, moving onto Santiago, then up to LA, across to London, down to Casablanca, then to Hong Kong and finally Auckland, today.

I have barely moved from bed in the last 4 days.

It all started kind of turning to custard on Wednesday. First I had one of my old school migraines. Later that day, came the sore throat and…

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Um….what?! (eating at the gym IN JEANS!)


A “How to” Guide for Running a Denim-Themed Race

Today’s post is a guide on how to prepare for and run a in denim-themed race. The Inaugural Wingate Jorts Mile is being used as an exemplar because 1) it was INCREDIBLE and 2) someone…ahem… got her hands on a few more photos from the event!


















Thanks SO MUCH to my new friends at Wingate University.

I love you all more than you know!

They missed out on finish line hugs!

People! Remember my brilliant idea for a denim race?!

It happened. It was called the Inaugural Wingate Jorts Mile. It took place last Saturday at Wingate University. It looks like the most incredible event. Didn’t I TELL YOU that it was a good idea? Here is the pictorial evidence of my idea’s brilliance:

The SIGN! The SIGN! Made out of pairs of jeans! L.O.V.E.


And race photos that you will love only a fraction of the amount that I love them.





The only thing that would have made this race better? Me at the finish line hugging people as they crossed.

Who are you, People Behind This Race? We are of like minds and NEED to be friends.

Dedication! Commitment! Thank you!

I appreciate your dedication and commitment to getting pictures for me. In the past, at least one person risked death and another risked arrest. And if you know Elisa, you will know that pausing a workout for a picture is a BIG deal. Thanks, Friend. 🙂


And even if you don’t get that picture, be sure to tell me about the craziness that you see…because, in a weird way, it brightens my day!




Thanks to you all! Keep ’em coming!

The dog has nothing to do with jogging in jeans.

Tonto is the cutest dog in the world. If I was going to steal a dog, I would steal him.


Tiffany is Tonto’s owner and Cute Dogs And Hugs blogger. She has been a great supporter of this site and is always on the lookout for exercise clothing atrocities. Tiffany is extra special because she is the only person in my entire life to ever give me a Groundhog Day gift.


She was also the first person to tell me about the AWFUL sandal denim boots and recently sent this link with a woman in jeans or denim-look workout wear (we can’t tell).


Thanks, Tiffany! And keep Tonto Tuesday coming!

And speaking of denim-look exercise wear, I have in my possession a pair of INKnBURN’s True Blue INB Performance Capris. Look at them and tell me if you can believe that I wore them while running? And again in the gym? And then in the yoga studio? I took pictures. And video. Stay tuned for the full review.

Teen heartthrobs IN JEANS at the gym

Justin Bieber:


And, Young Ones, one of the “Justin Biebers” of the generation before you – meet Jordan Knight:


My Valentine

Cutie-old-man-in-jeans-at-the-gym love combined with book-reading-nerd love:



Exercising in jeans or jog of shame?



Really? There is another like me?!

There have been several really great jean-jogging things that came my way in the social media world last week.

First, there was this Tweet from @laurrdunn:


Sums up her existence?! What?! So of course I click her profile and see this:


And she lives in Pittsburgh! And she is a runner! And she is a student in the same University where I work! If I wasn’t old enough to be her mother, I would definitely stalk her and force her to be my new best friend. Seriously, who would believe that there are two of us in this world?

Lauren, if you ever want a forum to talk about your obsession, JoggingJeans.com is the place! You can be a guest writer whenever you want!

And then there was @David_M_Bixby and his out-of-the-blue Tweet:


[See, I’m doing important work here.]

And, finally, how about this little future jean-jogger modeling a pair of Nike Frees on Runner’s World’s Facebook page?


[My uterus doesn’t ache often, but this little bitty foot made it happen.]

Thanks, Katy, for sharing the link!

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